State of the Union Address?

What happened to the State of the Union? I don’t remember Clinton or Bush giving one this year.
Couple of follow-ups:

Is it usually skipped in election years when the president switches?

Is it a Constitutional requirement?

A coworker asked me this today.

Neither George Bush pere or Bill Clinton gave a State of the Union address in the first year of their presidency, but both gave speeches to joint sessions of Congress in that year.

The Constitution only says that the president shoudl report to Congress from “time to time”.

FWIW: The relavent section is Article II, Section 2:

For what it’s worth, on the West Wing, President Bartlet just gave his first State of the Union address even though it is the beginning of his second year in office. I realize that the West Wing is a fictional show, but I know that Aaron Sorkin really does a lot of research for the scripts. The consensus among the people on the mailing list I subscribe to was that the inaugural address counted as the first State of the Union, but I think that addressing a joint session of Congress could easily count as well.

And as others have pointed out, the Constitution only says “from time to time,” it doesn’t specifically lay out exactly when the address has to happen.

It should also be noted that it doesn’t even have to be an address. The president could just send them an email with a link to his State of the Union page.

One of the early presidents (Jefferson, I think) was a poor public speaker and just sent a written report instead of giving a speech. This practice was followed by a number of his successors. About a century later, someone (I forget who) went back to giving an address.