State tourism ads.

Recently my home state (that’d be Minnesota) has been running a whole bunch of tourism ads. So far I have seen ads for:[ul][li]Wisconsin (o/~Oh won’t you staaaaaaaaaaaay…just a little bit LONger…Oh won’t you plaaaaaaaaaay…just a little bit more)[/li][li]South Dakota (Come see where outlaws hid!)[/li][li]North Dakota (WTF? Who’d want to go there?)[/li][li]And probably a couple of more I can’t remember at the moment.[/ul]Then there are the commercials for Minnesota tourism. The current crop stars Craig Kilborne. I don’t know much about the guy, only that a lot of people like him and a lot of people hate him. And he’s from Minnesota. That’s what he says in every commercial: “Come visit my home state of Minnesota!”. Which is all well and good, but I LIVE here. I don’t have to VISIT his home state of Minnesota, I’m already HERE. Plus we already know all the cool places to go; everyone has his or her favorite lake and it’s the rest of you posers who think Gull Lake is cool.[/li]
Thing is, when I was in DC I remember watching a lot of ads for Virgina, and when I was in HI there seemed to be a lot of ads for Puerto Rico, of all places.

And this all leads up to four questions:[list=1][li]Where are you?[/li][li]What tourism ads do you see?[/li][li]Have you ever seen a Craig Kilborne/Visit Minnesota advertisement? (TV or radio only, please - the back pages of Smithsonian don’t count.)[/li]Why do they run MN tourism board ads in MN?[/list=1]

  1. Currently in Mississippi, but I don’t watch TV down here. Last time I watched TV for any appreciable length of time was when I lived with my parents in upstate New York, so I’ll answer for there.
  2. Saw ads for New York, both the state in general and the city specifically (a couple months after 9/11 I started seeing the ads for the city specifically down here in Mississippi, too, when I bothered to turn on the telly). Also Texas - lots of Texas - and the occasional Virginia.
  3. Nope.
  4. Same reason they run I [heart] NY ads in New York, I suppose.
  1. Springfield, Illinois

  2. I see a lot of Missouri and Florida. I’ve also seen a few Arizona, Hawaii, Texas and Montana. Oddly enough, I rarely see ads for the states that border Illinois (excluding Missouri, of course). In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve never seen an ad for Iowa or Indiana, though I’ve seen ads for Wisconsin and Kentucky from time to time.

  3. No.

  4. Maybe so the tourists who are already there will want to come back for more? Or maybe to encourage the locals to spend more money touring around their own state. If you stay in a hotel, even if it’s in another city in your home state, you’ve put money into the local economy that they would otherwise have to get from out-of-state tourists. Lots of states make a killing on hotel taxes; they’re not as unpopular as sales taxes or income taxes, since the voters figure that tourists (and business travelers and whatnot) are going to pay the bulk of it.

  1. I live in San Antonio, Texas.
  2. I see a lot of commercials for Mexico, Florida, and Texas.
  3. Can’t say I’ve seen one of the Craig Kilbourne commercials.
  4. They want to keep local dollars local. In addition to the commercials for Texas, we get a lot of commercials for San Antonio attractions as well. Long weekend? Don’t go out of town, stay in San Antonio! See the Alamo! Go to Fiesta Texas! That kind of thing.


  1. Where are you?
    I’m in Austin, TX.

  2. What tourism ads do you see?
    Florida, Texas, Louisiana

  3. Have you ever seen a Craig Kilborne/Visit Minnesota advertisement? (TV or radio only, please - the back pages of Smithsonian don’t count.)

  4. Why do they run MN tourism board ads in MN?
    I have no idea.
    nice “list” html, chiquety! :smiley:

  1. West Hartford, CT
  2. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Florida. IMHO Jersey was really terrible. They had this acting governor for the year and as well as use up stationary he went into commercials playing minor league baseball, attacking Ft. Trenton, etc. It was really annoying, they didn’t even elect this guy and he’s taking up 60 secs of airtime.
  3. No, but he used to live in Hartford and I saw him at a Whalers game once.
  4. They have the Connecticut ads for Connecticut people because nobody really thinks about going anywhere here save the casinos. They’re a reminder that, hey, you have the Mark Twain House! Maybe MN works on a similar principle

I live in Wisconsin. They run Wisconsin, Illinois, NY and Florida from what I remember. Never seen Kilbourne, wouldn’t know who he was unless he said so though. I don’t watch much tv, PBS and cartoon shows on FOX.

The reason they run the ones from your own state is they want not only people from outside the state to come there, but from inside the state to spend $$$$ too.

For instance, when was the last time you went to Boundary Waters, Mall of America, St Paul, etc… It’s easier for them to get you to spend money in Minn. (since you live there) than it is to get some cheesehead or…(what do they call people from SD ) to come over and spend it. They want you to go out and see some other places in Minn you may have overlooked. Plus, with 9/11 a lot of people aren’t flying, staying closer to home and they’re trying to get thru to them.

  1. Arizona.
  2. Not that many, actually, except some for Texas and…oh darn. I can’t remember the name of the state, but a couple months ago, about every other commercial break would have its commercial. Very catchy music, and all. Also, there’s one for Idaho potatoes (does anyone ever eat anything else?), which has the mascot and the governor of Idaho, that plays like a tourist ad.
  3. Nope, never seen an ad for Minnesota.
  4. Well, they sort of do that too here. It’s not actually a bona-fide tourism ad but it sounds like it. It has Native Americans talking about Indian Gaming (their words, and it’s a big deal here). They support it, of course, and talk about all the benefits it has. This despite the fact that I have not heard of anyone opposing casinos yet. It ends with the words “Because we’re all Arizona,” so it sounds touristy.

Most people who live in Arizona are not native Arizonans (I am though); a good deal came from somewhere else, and another significant percentage are snowbirds, people who live in colder climates in the spring and summer but flee to Arizona’s nice winters when it starts to snow there. So, if they show a tourist ad for some state, chances are people will have already been to that state, so maybe they don’t see the point.

I live just north of Minnesota (in fact, I’ll be skiing in Lutsen and dining in Grand Marais tomorrow), but I don’t recall seeing Minnesota tourism advertisements outside of the occasional ad for a casino just across the border. It’s a pity, for if I knew of what was available in northern MN, I would visit more often. As it is, I just stumble about (e.g. I came across a jewel of a restaurant, the Naniboujou, simply because it was at the mouth of a river I was paddling down).

I travel all over, but have not been to Minn. & never saw those their ads. I have seen some state ads within their respective states. Why not contact the MN tourist board & ask them Q #4?

Ugh. It’s a good thing I haven’t seen a Craig Kilborn Minnesota ad or else I’d have to consider moving. Again. And I’m almost unpacked now.

I have seen other Minnesota ads in Minnesota in the past, though. They want you to travel and spend money within the state. They also have these “Explore Minnesota” papers that they will usually tuck into the Star Tribune every spring. I think it works, too. Do you think that all those people who say they are going “up North” for the weekend are going to Canada?

You also see a lot of Wisconsin ads because if a Twin Citian isn’t going up North on his weekends, he’s going to Wisconsin. Looks like the Dakotas want a piece of that pie, too. Iowa’s tried it in past years…nice try, Iowa.

My husband’s former roommate once altered a Wisconsin tourism bumper sticker so that it read “Wisconsin. You’re among fiends”.

I’ve seen Texas’ “It’s Like A Whole Other Country” ads every since I lived in Texas. Also the “Virginia Is For Lovers” ads. Those are all over the place.

Lately I’ve seen some Arkansas ads. Other than that, I never see any other state ads. I did see a Springfield, Missouri ad today.

Hey, you can’t talk about our governor like that! (You’ve got your own to laugh at :wink: )

I really loved the Lyle Lovitt ad for Texas that ran a year or two ago, the one where he opens the phone book and calls people at random, singing “That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)”.

I’ve seen a lot of Alabama ads lately. The whole Robert Trent Jones golf course thingy.

On Sunday my trip to Lutsen was rained out, so I popped on down to Duluth. To make a long story short, if I were an American, I would relocate there. The city was delightful. Lovely houses on the lake north of town, a well formed downtown core, a delightful redeveloped canal/dock area, beach houses on a long spit. Nice people. All in all a terrific place! If Minnesota wanted to advertise itself, Duluth would be an easy sell.

I’ve seen a bunch of ads for California (“find yourself” or something like that) that featured a bunch of random Hollywood celebrities … definitely more celebrities than I’ve seen in the 18 years I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area.

What they really should advertise is the fact that Southern California has no weather.

I live in Maryland.

Off the top of my head, I know I’ve seen ads for Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey/Atlantic City, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida and the I heart New York, both the NYC and NY state ads.

‘No’ on the Craig Kilbourne ad.