Why so many Texas tourism commercials?

i see so many commercials pushing the wonderland that is Texas, I’ve never seen so many for anywhere. Why? Is Texas hurting for tourists? It smacks of desperation, it’s so relentless.

Here in CA we are inundated with Oregon commercials. A few form Texas, but nothing like Oregon.

Why would it smack of desperation? Advertising works!

I see California commercials mostly. And Australia. This obnoxious one is advertising to Australians (look! We have B-list celebrities!)

The Spirit of Massachusetts (Family Guy version)

Huh, I don’t see that many. The cable feed that serves San Juan is mostly pumped out of NYC or Florida and I see quite a bit of (Pure) Michigan or NJ or California but hardly any from TX.

In any case it would be for the same reason Michigan or NJ or Cali have ad buys and promo campaigns, they want our business. Now, Michigan, there’s one place that really needs the ad campaign. Nobody planning their dream vacation says “we’re going to Michigan, kids!”.

Meanwhile, I could do plenty of Texas holidaying between San Antonio (history), Austin (music) and Padre Island (beaches) and ignore the rest, but there’s nothing unusual in a campaign to point out Texas is NOT only cattle and oilfields in flat land, some occasionally good sports teams in Dallas, a bunch of really dumb politicians and a horde of armed rednecks.:stuck_out_tongue:

I used to see Florida and California commercials on occasion, nothing like the big Texas campaign here… It looks spectacular of what I see.

So they’ll have a readily available supply of hostages when they start their up-coming war of secession.

Don’t you DARE ignore Big Bend NP. It’s my favorite place in the entire state.

Yes, a nice place! I was just there last month, my second time to visit. Great place…

I was going to post more but decided to start a thread about BBNP instead of hijacking this one. Here it is. If you have some favorites in Big Bend, please share there.

Well, you could move to Texas; then you’d see commercials for California, Colorado and, uh, Michigan instead.

I’ve been to Texas a couple of times and enjoyed myself immensely. Big Bend was great but I think my favorite spot was Balmorhea State Park. I had the giant spring-fed pool all to myself* one morning, it was fantastic!

*except for the fish and a couple of turtles

We don’t get any in Colorado in my recollection. I’ve been seeing a lot of Utah lately (National Parks.)

It tends to go in cycles. There was also a “push” for Texas tourism about 10 years ago. California likes to get into the act as well, and I think Utah has a current campaign, pushing places like Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.

There is also a set of ads where states (and countries, as well) ask for businesses to move there, touting things like low taxes.

I see ads for San Antonio. Like most tourism ads, they only show the most attractive aspects. I’ve been there, and it’s mostly just huge sprawl, like most Texas cities. The Riverwalk is entertaining for about ten minutes, and the missions about the same. Otherwise, boring. I’d sorta like to see Big Bend, but it’s not worth the endless RV trip from Oregon to get there.

Moving to Texas to quit hearing about Texas…hmmm

Hey, say what you want about his methods, I can affirm they are effective.

Yeah, I was joking…and so was he…and so are you.

But to the OP. IMO it certainly makes sense to advertise for tourism in Texas. Yeah, land area/proportion wise there is a bunch of tourism unworthy crap in Texas. But it is SO big, in actual number terms there is still plenty of touristy stuff that is not in the general populations mindset…hence the advertising…as other here have said.

I always kind of had to chuckle about Carlsbad caverns…as far a bigger and better and more famous cave wise goes it’s hard to beat. But it is barely NOT in Texas. And one of the prettiest above ground parts of Texas is in the area…and it IS in Texas…barely…but you can only access from New Mexico :slight_smile:

PS. If you are ever driving across Texas on I-10 and you need a break/place to stop/something to see…Caverns of Sonnora (sp?) ain’t that far off the interstate and it is world class pretty in some parts…not big, but pretty. As opposed to some tour caves that honestly are basically just holes in the ground.

Here in Texas, it’s non-stop California tourism commercials.

Around here (northeastern Illinois), it’s California and Michigan for the most part. If we’ve been seeing Texas commercials, they haven’t made an impact on me.

Here in NC we get Texas ads, loads of California ads, and a weird dubsteppy ad for Virginia.

I’m in Texas, and I’ve been seeing some Colorado tourism ads lately. :slight_smile: I usually spend a week or two in northern New Mexico each summer, I need to plan for a few days in Colorado next time.