Statistics Regarding Fou lballs

Have there been any studies conducted on where foul balls that enter the seating area at a baseball game are likely to land. The study should take into account the net behind home plate.

Probably depends a lot on the particular stadium. But I’m sure each stadium has certain “sweet” spots where the majority of foul ball pop-ups are hit.

Not a study, but Zach Hample seems to have developed a knack for catching foul balls based on location. As of this article, he was 22 and had gotten 1,517 foul balls at MLB games (not all caught, but still impressive)…

Ya know…I was thinking the same thing recently. Most stadiums have virtual seat view things on their websites – click on a section and it shows what your view is like. I think any self-respecting stadium web operation would also have their stadium chart color-coded with foul ball frequency, by section.

And the time of day when the sun hits that section would be good, too. There’ve been many games when I’m all set for direct sun (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) only to find that I’m under an overhand and in the shade all day.

Well, yes and no. If center field is 12 o’clock, and home plate is 6:00, then I bet 65% of all foul balls fall into a wedge right between 2:00 and 3:00 o’clock, and another 20% right behind 6:00. It’s just a matter of overlaying that wedge on a particular stadium.

You’d have to pay someone to do that, though.

Your best bet is probably behind the dugouts. Foul balls, however, tend to distribute themselves pretty well all the way down the baselines in the first deck.

In theory, it may also vary with the lineup and opponent. If a team adds more left handed hitters when facing lefties, or for righty/righty matchups, seems like the balance of foul balls would also shift…