Status of judicial nominees

Last May the President nominated a friend of mine, who is an accomplished attorney, to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to Judgepedia, “Her hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee was uneventful, with only two of the committee members (Amy Klobuchar and Jeff Sessions) present to question her. The Committee voted 15-4 to forward her nomination to the full Senate.” This committee hearing was last fall.

As far as I have been able to determine, the Senate has not voted on her nomination, and I assume there are plenty of other presidential judicial nominees that they are dragging their feet on as well. Is there anywhere online that lists these outstanding nominees and what their status is? I’d like to know what the holdup is, so I can start calling in favors :slight_smile:

This might help:

And here’s a full list of all judicial nominations sent to the senate and their status:

Thanks Captain Amazing for the link. It looks like she’s one of ten nominees for a Circuit Court of Appeals awaiting senate confirmation. I call for recess appointments!

He did just that last week.

Yeah, but those were different, because I wasn’t interested in them. :smiley:

In the recent “How would you revise the U.S. Constitution if you were absolute dictator for a day?” thread (yes, I get the irony), I said I’d abolish filibusters and senatorial holds, and require the Senate to bring all presidential nominations to an up-or-down floor vote within 90 days. If the Senate failed to do so, the nominee(s) would be deemed confirmed.

Maybe I should’ve given the Senate six months, but the principle still holds.