Trump's judicial nominations just got another boost

Well this is interesting. Trump and McConnell have now turned their attention from the circuit courts to the district courts – with a little help from the Democrats.

At some point, Democratic politicians have to make a choice between staying in Washington, week after week, delaying votes on Trump judges… or going back home to campaign for re-election in hopes Dems can take the Senate in the elections that are like nine weeks away. That article makes it sound like Dems just want to go sit on the couch and eat Cheetos for a while.

McConnell (mostly) cancelled the Senate’s August recess to keep Democratic Senators in DC and away from the campaign trail. While most people hear that and think, “Damn, those lazy politicians SHOULD be at work in DC!” In reality, cancelling August recess is primarily part of a plan to keep Republican control of the Senate.

I don’t see the outrage. From the article, it appeared that they expedited votes on nominees that were expected to pass anyway so vulnerable candidates could get back to campaigning. How many judges does the author think will be blocked if the Senate is 54-46 GOP?

So when does the August recess typically end? The Senate is probably going to schedule a hearing for Kavanaugh in September or October, aren’t they?


With only a 50-49 margin, no room for defections whatsoever, in an election season in which the nominator’s legitimacy will be under scrutiny, and the nominee’s current position that a President cannot even be investigated (a complete reversal for him since the Clinton Administration, note)? McConnell may not take the risk.

Besides, if Flake declines to attend the Judiciary Committee meetings, the Kavanaugh hearings there cannot even be convened. Maybe Flake’s willing to take the heat on his way out and provide some cover for his colleagues.

Emphasis added. That is not his position. He is on record as saying he doesn’t think it’s good policy, but that it should be up to Congress, not the courts, to decide.

There is no way he doesn’t take the risk, a supreme court seat beats anything that happens this November even if it costs them the House and Senate.

Hearing on Kavanaugh are scheduled to begin Sept 4.

But of course it *would *come to the Supreme Court. Don’t let him play cute.

I don’t know how soon McCain’s replacement will be named and seated. I imagine the AZ Governor is getting some pressure to do it before the full Senate votes on Kavanaugh. That would make the margin 51-49, with room for one defector with Pence’s tie-breaker vote.

ETA: besides that, I suspect some Dems will be voting for Kavanaugh

It’s a blueing state. Ducey is under pressure from the sane wing of the party too, what’s left of it. He can’t risk an appointment that will cost McSally the other Senate seat by being too obviously an attempt to cover for Trump.

Agreed. And I think there is only a very slim chance that Kavanaugh is not confirmed. I would bet good money on him being confirmed.

The GOP would never hold a vote on Kav before McCain’s replacement is seated.

Gov. Ducey conveniently delayed the naming of a new Senator to fall after the Arizona primary on Tuesday, because he didn’t want it to ‘overshadow’ McCain’s funeral.

I expect a new Senator will be named the day after Labor Day and the name will leak tomorrow.