staying in NYC--need answer fast

I want to visit a friend in Manhattan for 3 days or so starting 10/10. What is the best way to find economy accommodations in Manhattan? I’d like to spend 200 bux or less. My buddy found a place but I would be sharing a bathroom, which I would rather not do. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

$200 total or per day?

I’m about to stay in Manhattan for almost a month. It is going to be hard to find something that cheap on AirBnB that is not just a room. We’re about $100 a night but got a discount for staying a month. Try to broaden your search to Brooklyn or even Jersey City. That’s a PATH ride or subway ride into the city but seemed cheaper.
You might also check to see if there are any hostels - I’ve stayed in these in other cities, but know nothing about NY ones.

Per day.

I did not enjoy it because I like Hotels with amenities but there is a hotel in Manhattan called Yotel that is often cheaper than the alternatives. The rooms are very very tiny and there are almost no services but it was cheap and in Manhattan.

This is where I stay when I visit family on the Upper West Side; rooms start at less than $200/night.

I stayed at the Yotel in Hell’s Kitchen once. Once. That place sucked. It is supposed to be all futuristic and innovative, but I just found it annoying. And it wasn’t even all that cheap.

Better idea: I just went to Trivago and searched on New York City, and slid the price slider down to $200. Lots of options in Manhattan came up.

I misunderstood. $200 per day isn’t too hard. Lots of AirBnB places for less than that.

Crash on your friend’s couch. Take him out to a really nice dinner.

You should be able to find stuff last minute on Hotwire, but it would be good to have a backup plan.

I stayed at the Westside YMCA on a solo trip back in 2008 and it worked fine for me. If I remember right, it was a “common bathrooms” situation but each one of them had their own toilet and shower and a door that locked. And I remember never struggling to get from there to all the touristy locations, especially via the subway. If I went back again solo, that would be the first place I’d look into staying.

Make sure that whatever you decide upon that it is within easy walking distance of the subway.

Check out the hotels in Long Island City- they are mostly one or two train stops from 59th Street in Manhattan on the East Side. Prices can really vary depending on the time of year so I can’t say if you’ll get less than $100 a night but most of the budget chains have properties in the area.
And the “hotel zone” there is due to some recent rezoning and most of the hotel buildings are less than 10 years old, so you can’t go to far wrong.

You could also try the Sheraton in Weehawken. From there, you can take the Lincoln Harbor ferry to Midtown.

The New Jersey hotel we stayed at (and many others, I’m sure) had free transport into the city.