Steam Summer Sale 2012 - Deals and News here

Apparently, it did not start today and I was kind of expecting it to. Any news as to when it begins? I want to pick up Fallout 3 for cheap and keep waiting for it to go on sale somewhere(is it cheap somewhere?).

Anyway, it should be soon and I’d like to get in some deals this year.

Nothing official.

A poster on another forum I frequent who claims inside knowledge said July 12.

Midweek Madness is still up, so the sale may still start today. Find out at 7EST/4PST.

There’s already a weekend deal on Warhammer games.

So apparently it’s tomorrow (hopefully).

Very cool. I hope I can pick up Fallout 3 for super cheap.

You and me both.

While this list is by no means confirmed (and may never be), here is some strong speculation on what some of the sales and bundles will look like tomorrow.

Supposedly starts at 1pm pacific/4 pm Eastern.

Linkage to holy trailer:

This pretty much confirms it’s today.
I’ve heard it’s in one hour and 30 minutes, actually…at 10 PST.

That time would make more sense. Everything steam does is based around 10 PST.

We’ll see who’s right in an hour and nine minutes.

There’s reports of prices being lowered already…along with appearances of some mega packs

And now prices are dropping like flies…!

Max Payne 3, 33 percent off… Ohhhh yeah.

Multiple reports of games’ prices dropping all over the site.

Haha. I can’t get to the store page. So apparently we aren’t the only one that thinks it starts today.

And so it starts. HUGE change on the store page. Oh, nice, and we get to vote for what game sale we want next…

July 12:

*Legend of Gimrock *-60% $5.99

*Call of Duty: MW3 *-50% $29.99

*Terraria *-75% $2.49

Crusader Kings II -75% $9.99

Total War Shogun: 2 -75% $7.49

Indie Bundle I -75% $9.99

Ridgeracer Unbounded -50% $24.99

*Might and Magic: Heroes VI *-50% $24.99

*Portal II *-75% $4.99

Virtually every game on my wishlist is on sale to some extent…I’m thinking every single game on Steam is on sale, even if just by a little bit (well, almost…I’ve seen two or three that weren’t but they’re definitely in the minority).

They also have Flash Sales going on, that last anywhere from 8 hours to just 5 hours…and huge bundle packs (most for about 50 bucks each) where they stuff about 20 games in one pack.

I doubt that there’s anyone who would be interested in either of these games who doesn’t already have them, but they’re definitely worth it at that price.

What exactly is Terraria about? I was looking into it.