Steam Summer Sale!

The Summer Sale is on right now, for the next two weeks.

I’m not really looking for anything, but I’m doing a lot of browsing.

Recently bought Red Dead Redemption II and have just been sitting on it.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Steep during a different sale (same price as right now, $7.49), an open world winter sports game, and have been playing a lot of that. I’m not even doing events or challenges, I’m having a good time just snowboarding around.

Looking at some Cities: Skylines DLC, and I’ll probably buy Wasteland Remastered just because the original game is one of my top-3 all-timers. Starbound is only $8.99, I might pick that up. Also will likely pick up Party Hard 2 for $4.99, I enjoyed the first one.

I own Steep on Epic, but have never played it. I heard it relied heavily on online play and I don’t really play that kind of game. Is it fun single-player?

UPlay requires you be connected when you run the game, and you will see other players around, but you are not required to interact with them at all. You can request to “join up” with other players and ride together, and they to you, but you don’t have to accept. You compete in events against yourself, basically. They’re all just time- or points-based. It’s a fun game. You don’t even have to do the events, you can just go ride around.

My Steam MO is to only ever buy games on sale. I’m not so hard-core a gamer that need to have the newest and greatest. In fact, my sphere of interest is pretty limited. But it seems this isn’t that much of a sale - at least not for my demographic. I have fourteen games on my wish list; they are all on sale … but only for like 35% off, tops.

Usually when I’m game for a game (heh) I go to the ‘show me games under $20’ list and look at only games at 50% off, minimum. The only game on my list that meets that crtieria is Ancestor’s Legacy, which I don’t really want that bad - I just put it on there on a whim. It looks like Railroad Empire is 50% off, but that still only brings it down to $25.

Eh … I’ve been completely engrossed with Car Mechanic 2018 for the last two weeks and I don’t see me slowing down. I haven’t even maxed out my garage yet!

Replying to Mahaloth (I still haven’t figured out the quotey stuff)

It’s an awesome single player game. I played the snot out of it on my PS3 without Playstation Plus (Playstation’s online platform). I’ve got it from Steam too and play it every once in a while. I’ve never tried the online portion at all.

You highlight what you want to quote then you hit "Quote.

I picked up a small handful of games, of which I’m sure I’ll actually play about half.

Titanfall 2, Vampyr, and A Plague Tale: Innocence because someone recommended them somewhere for some reason and they fit my interests and price points well enough. We’ll see about those.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut and Grim Dawn because I pulled TIAVH 1 out of the depths of my library during quarantine and liked the Diabloesque game more than I thought I would.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 because I loved the first one for its charm and unique gameplay, and have been looking for a sequel or similar game ever since. Very much looking forward to this one.

There are a bunch on my wishlist that I’m waiting for better discounts on in the future, or for a dlc bundle situation that’s not having me pay an additional $80 just so I don’t feel like I missed out on the full game.

As always, I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for any suggestions of worthy games that have slipped my notice.

I’ve got a few games on my wishlist that have dropped in price to where I might consider them:

  • Watch Dogs 2 (at $10)
  • The Witness (at $9)
  • Human: Fall Flat (at $6)
  • Steam World Dig 2 (at $8–the likeliest pickup for me)
  • Hot Lava (at $12 – it’s by the Oxygen Not Included team and looks stupid and fun)
  • Disco Elysium (at $30, but I’ve heard so much good about this game, and I’m jonesing for a new RPG)
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (at $24 – I’ll probably wait a year or so, but I loved the original)

Epic is competing pretty oddly with the Steam sale: I’m getting so much play-value out of their freebies, like Just Cause 4 and Borderlands Presequel, that I’m not especially looking for a new game to drop money on. So, good job, Epic!

I had been thinking of asking for recommendations for the next shooter I should play. Then I got an email from Steam, the original DOOM on sale for $5.99.

Goin’ old school!

I still haven’t done the last mission in that. Having too much fun hacking the corrupt cops and the gangbangers.

I picked up most of the stuff I was looking at before, and I also picked up Two Point Hospital because I like those type of building games, and I also picked up a puzzle game called Opus Magnum that looked interesting and has a lot of very positive reviews.

Haven’t actually played any of them as I’m wrapped up in Wasteland Remastered right now, but I can probably beat that game in a day, I’ve played the original so many times.

A helpful tool for the sale (if you’re looking for new stuff, not things you knew you wanted) is Steamdb. Set filters and ranges to see what’s out there.

Example: Every game that is at least 90% off, costs under a buck and has a rating of 80% or better. You can link your Steam account for it to filter stuff you already own.

Cool. Perfect to systemize my MO.

Trying to keep the reigns on my spending. Picked up Deadspace 2 for $5 since that’s been on my want-to-play for years.

Got Lisa: the Joyful for $2.50. It’s the epilogue for Lisa: the Painful, and it is more of the same, albeit shorter and more straight forward in your goals.

I am eyeballing the soundtrack for Lisa: the Painful because of silly earworms like this.

I grabbed Titanfall. It’s pretty good. There’s something about it that makes it feel a bit impersonal - it’s not grabbing me the way, say, Halo (which it feels like much of the time) did. But it’s a solid experience for the reduce price.

Banished is currently on sale for $6.79 (66% off).

Ok, now years ago somewhere on this board, I bitched about how much this game sucked. Turns out I’m just not very good at it. That’s when I found all the mods at the workshop. Of course I took advantage of mods that increase resources so I wouldn’t suck so much, but there are other mods out there that make it a whole new game. I had downloaded some Middle Ages mods - a few extra buildings and professions - that was fun, but I’ve recently delved back into it and I downloaded this Colonial Charter mod. It adds orders of magnitude to the game. Hundreds of new buildings, dozens of new professions. New land types. Enhanced menus. It’s seriously like a AAA DLC for the game that can be had for the low, low price of free.

If it’s only good with a ton of mods, I think it fair to say your initial assessment was right.

I got Elite Dangerous for £9,99 on Sunday. Still getting to grips with it at the moment.

We have a thread for Elite; the original post is from release and the last reply is from October so it’s pretty long.

I’ve been playing Summer In Mara, which is a new game so technically not part of the Summer Sale (its discounted price is a New Release deal). It’s a fetch quest game with anime tendencies, and though it log jams a bit sometimes, I have been enjoying it.

I also bought a bunch of games I wishlisted that discounted to under AU$15. I haven’t played them yet. They’re mostly puzzle games, point-and-click adventures, or exploratory walking simulators; they tend to be my favourite kind of game.