Steamer Questions

I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I hope so. Anyway, I recently scored a used electric steamer (Proctor Silex on the label and Hamilton Beach with the model number) at a yard sale for next to nothing. Of course, it didn’t come with an instruction booklet and searching online for the particular brand hasn’t turned up anything useful. Now, my search abilities may not be very good, so I turn to the board for generalized help. :slight_smile:

Any basic guidelines on how much water to use? Cooking times? I realize the answers will probably vary between what I’m making (typically frozen vegetables) and how much (around a pound), but I’m just hoping for a little direction. So, ideas anyone?

You get one extra bump here to see if anyone will reply, right? Anybody?

Does it look like a rice cooker with an extra basket or more like this?

In either case, you don’t need much water. A cup or two depending on how big it is. Steaming times can probably be found on the food packages.

Here’s a link to a Hamilton Beach Electric Steamer manual. Even if it’s not your particular model, the instructions may be similar as far as amounts go.

DCnDC, more like the first one. It’s all plastic on the outside, could be mistaken for a crockpot, and has a smaller plastic basket on the inside. Of course the cooking times for steaming should be listed on the bag. Smack. I’m so used to doing it other ways and know how to by heart, I simply wasn’t thinking.

And Missy, how I could’ve not found that page when I was perusing their website, I have no idea, so thank you. I’m batting 0 for 2 today. :frowning:

I typically use my steamer for fresh vegetables, and it’s usually a matter of filling it to the lowest fill line in the receptacle and cooking for 10-12 minutes. Frozen vegetables would presumably require more water and more time.

I spent almost an hour this morning looking for instructions for something I need to do online for work today. That were sitting on the sofa right next to me. So I feel your pain. :smiley:

Hi, what’s the model of your steamer? You didn’t make it clear in your question. Whatever, maybe you can try this: I found the manual link online. You can get some instructions from this Hamilton Beach Electric Steamer Manual.

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