Steed and Mrs Peel vs 86 and 99

Who’d win?

Steed and Peel, hands down. Steed’s got it all over Smart in style points alone, and Peel’s babe quotion off the charts, whereas Ms. Felton was only a great sidekick.

Couldn’t guess I loved the Avengers, could you?


Yes, I’m sure that babe quotients can play a decisive role in a fistfight. :slight_smile:

This is not a serious question. Steed and Mrs. Peel win out over everybody, up to and including the Justice League.

Barbara Feldon was definitely a babe in her own right, though. (I wonder if it’s true that originally her character was going to be called Agent 69… God, I hope so.)

So the Avengers would defeat the Justice League?

I loved both, but I’ve paid money to get The Avengers on videotape. In terms of style, wit, and overall competence (Sorry about that, Chief), Steed and Peel every time, although 86 and 99 did have better gadgets. Oh yes, points to Steed and Peel for better cars too!

Who Secretly Wants to be Emma Peel!

I don’t know, but it sure would be fun to watch either team try.

Take away Steed’s brolly, and Smart’s gadgets. Now who wins?

Steed and Peel. Not even close. 86 and 99 were fine in their own right, but they, Sir, were no Avengers.

JCoM, who not-so secretly wants to do Emma peel!

My first instinct was that Steed and Peel would beat 86 and 99 hands down without breaking a sweat. But after thinking about it I’m not so sure. Maxwell Smart was a total klutz but he ALWAYS managed to accidently do the right thing and save the day.
So the question is, which is better: great skill and intelligence, or inevitable, unstoppable, good luck?

Drat. How’d that mispost happen?

Anyway, my answer to davidm’s quesiton is: Neither. High kicking in a form-fitting catsuit is what saves the day.

Along with practically every hetero guy on the boards, plus a good number of the wimmin! :slight_smile:

Well sure, if we’re talking about who looks best in a catsuit than Mrs Peel wins hands down. But I don’t think that’s what the OP was asking. :slight_smile:

Emma so pretty.