Step back, gay man, step back.

I was watching an interview with a spokesmen for the Gay and Lesbian (Group, Organization…?)
In this interview he said that Eminem was basically saying with his music to all artists, that they can say anything and get away with it.
Duh! This is America, there is plenty of music I dont agree with because of the way is it portrays women, hispanics, blacks, what have you, but once this music gets popular someone has to attack it.
Hey, I dont like certain music, but it’s an artists’ right to say whatever they want, I have no right to tell them what to say and what not to say.
Just because society is oppressive against you does not give you the right to rewrite to constitution.
I love gay people, (straight man here)they are great, they are just like anyone else. But no one has the right to have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Gay, straight, black, white, polka-dot, green. No one.


is this another example of sarcasm, Mercutio? I’m still waiting for my Sarcasm 101.

No, Eminem should not be banned or censored. That wouldn’t be right.
HOWEVER…he should not be CELEBRATED and made into a great big star for what he does. People should stop sucking this guy’s dick.
And I’m not gay, I am, however a woman. And what he says about women in general disgusts me.

Just because Eminem has the right to say something doesn’t mean he’s not a vicious, homophobic, bloody-minded, contemptuous, and no doubt self-hating asshole for saying it.

You know, I always thought Eminem was one of those wonderful phenomenoms that bring people closer together.

Whites, Blacks, Gays, Straights, Lesbians, Hispanics, Chinese, Rich, Poor, etc. etc. Can join together in the spirit of harmony and unity and the hate the rat bastard.

His juvenile mediocrity penetrates all barriers.

Hey, I don’t like Eminem’s music, nor did I celebrate it in my OP, nor did I glorify him. I am not standing up for Eminem, I am standing up for eveyrones right to speak their mind.

I don’t like it when pressure groups decide what I should be able to listen to or not. I’m capable of making that choice myself, thanks.

I also dislike Eminem, but I know the difference between
“I don’t like him so I won’t buy his music” and
“I don’t like him so NOBODY should be able to buy his music.”

It would be nice others learned that difference too.

And if you think the groups are happy with simply “informing” the public about the object of their hate, you are naive. They boycott stores into not carrying the music, movies, books, etc that they don’t like, and the stores stop carrying them.

Here’s where someone says “they have their legal right to boycott”. I never said otherwise. Just because they aren’t breaking any laws when they deny me my right to choose what I should listen to, or watch, or read, doesn’t mean it’s right for them to do so.

If I were to compare “crimes”, I would say pressure group censorship tactics concern me much more that Eminem’s idiotic rantings. What good is it to have laws preventing the gov’t from censorship when self-appointed (and non-elected) censors remove “objectionable” media from the market anyway?

Really man, he’s not that deep.

That’s much closer to the proper description. But leave him to his own devices, he’ll self destruct (or improve) in no time.

So Revtim, are you saying that people who don’t like Eminem should buy his albums and encourage others to do so? Cause that’s the only way they couldn’t boycott him. uhhhhh… Someone needs to put their thinkin’ cap on.

I’ve heard some of Mr. Mathers’ songs. He’s a pretty good performer (his tone actually sounds genuine), but beyond that, I could care less.

Will I buy his albums. Nah. Will I download his music? Uh-uh. Will I rant and rave about how he should be burned at the stake because he’s such a hateful sumbitch? That’d be ridiculous. There are bigger fish to fry than some white shmoe who thinks he’s black.

Guess I didn’t make it clear oldscratch, sorry. What these groups do is not boycott the artist they don’t like, they boycott the entire store. In the case of TV shows that don’t meet their approval, they boycott the products that advertise on the show.

If they simply didn’t buy what offended them, I’d have no problem with that. But they try to scare stores and TV networks into not carrying the media they find offensive, they take away my chance to choose for myself.

::Applauds Revtim::
Finally, someone else who gets it and doesnt attack someone else just becuase they read somethign they like. You don’t like it, ignore it, much like not buying certain CD’s and not watching certain shows and not listening to certain radio stations.

So tell me! Was that last post sarcastic too? I really am trying to get to speed here and you are not helping! :frowning:

That was not sarcasm either.
Next post I will put out a big sarcasm sign for you.

Really? Are you sure you really believe that crap you are spewing?

I mean if we are supposed to believe that sexist remarks are sarcasm, I guess I am inclined to believe that this thread must be sarcastic as well. Otherwise one might be tempted to think that you have a slight tendency to homophobia. Oh as well being sexist. Just keep on with the posting though and I guess we will get a clearer view of you, your sarcasm and your opinions. There’s something to look forward to. :rolleyes:

and not complaining about certain people complaining about Eminem? You don’t like it, ignore it.
once again

To stand up for, or to put down this mans music is meaningless.


Because this mans music is, for the most part, MEANINGLESS.

Banning him and trying to shut him up is what he thrives on, protecting him and petting him just makes him get bigger.

What’s a person to do? Nothing! Just ignore him and he will eventually go away.

11 year old children will listen to this music, 11 year old children will grow out of this music. To make it any bigger a deal is to martyr the artist and create for him a following of “rebels”, that’s just how it works.

For the most part he’s a typical over grown 8th grader who knows he can say what ever he wants and does. The rest is actually pretty talented and some of his work has mpressed me (and i fuckin hate rap). There isn’t much there, but there’s enough to keep me from totally discounting him.

So Eminem is just a troll, eh?

Do Not Feed Slim Shady?

I now quote Someone Whose Name I Cannot Remember:

That about sums it up fer me.