Stephen Colbert and the Southern Hemisphere...

Did anyone else catch Colbert’s parting remark last night? IIRC he said, “good night! For those in the Southern hemisphere, good morning!”

Was he being serious? Who is he mocking? It may be winter in Paraquay right now, but if they are due south they will have morning and evening at the same time. If he just screwed up, that’s fine, but if not, I want to know what joke I am missing.

The main joke of the show is that he’s a clueless blowhard. Mind you, in the English-speaking Southern hemisphere, he’s right. Board time is just before 9am Tuesday. It’s 1 am Wednesday here.

:dubious: So how much of his other material do think is just a mistake.

I mean you don’t take what he says as serious in any way?

Not at all, I enjoy the political double entandre as much as the next fan. He doesn’t tend to go for the “Look at me I am as stupid as Homer Simpson” style of joke. So, I thought he must have been mocking someone for mixing up North/South from East/West. I expect really clever, subtle jokes, but I don’t get this one. Which may mean he either screwed up or I am missing a reference. Hence, my long, convoluted question in the OP.

I’m sure it’s a joke along the lines of “everything is backwards and upside down in the Southern hemisphere. Winter is summer. The toilets flow the wrong way when you flush them. Day is night.” Just a nice bit of blowhardery.

Or as put by Homer Simpson, Hot snow falls up?

I haven’t seen the episode yet (it awaits patiently on my ReplayTV) but would there be any reason for him to say it if it wasn’t a joke?

That’s true, but he’s big on cluelessness and often talks about how much he dislikes facts and distrusts books. With that in mind, screwing up the whole Southern hemisphere deal isn’t surprising.

I think the joke is that his character is so US-centric that he misunderstands and is glibly unconcerned with basic information about the rest of the world. In this case, the mistake isn’t that funny (to me anyway), but the fact that he doesn’t sell it as a joke is.