Stephen Colbert's "The Word"....

…is not always just a single word, but quite often a phrase. I understand that its meaning is similar to “the truth”, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s incorrect. But wouldn’t it be more elegant to simply use a single word every time?

I know this is pretty mundane, but it always bothers me when he says: “…And that leads us to today’s word, which is ‘moral minority’.”

Think of it as “…And that leads us to today’s Word*, which is ‘moral minority’.” Referring to the segment (and it does appear catapatalised in the graphics) rather than “here’s a word”. Sneak it past your inner grammar police. :wink:

*I’d put in the crossed O, but I don’t have that symbol.

I always thought it was the word-like “word on the street” is …which is usually followed by many more words, not just one.

Often it is one word.

Sometimes it’s not a word at all, like the “sigh” after the election. :smiley:

Is the Word sidebar sentient? Sometimes, it appears to disagree with Stephen’s comments. Other times (such as the “sigh” AuntiePam mentioned), it appears to be Stephen innermost thoughts.

Hey you liberal pantywaists, if Stephen says that moral minority is one word, it is one word. All that counting just leads to facts and facts are not our friends.

This always makes me think of West Wing the presidential debates when Jeb said that unfunded mandate was two works not one.

It most certainly is. It’s also a major smartass, too.

I have no preference as to whether the Word is a one-word Word or a multiple word Word.

I do, however, think it’s a much stronger segment when he ends the segment with the word that started the segment.

When he doesn’t bring it back 'round again it’s still a good segment, but it’s so much stronger when he brings it all home.

Agreed. It seems to have a nice bow on it at the end when that happens.

Especially when the last use of the word is ironic.
I like the alter ego-ness of the Word board. It is so subversive to Colber’s character, and yet it speaks truth (not truthiness). It’s a brilliant bit and hits the mark more often than not.

It’s whatever is funniest. In one episode, they implied it was Stephen’s subconscious, and in another that I remember, the bullet points indicated they were written by one of Stephen’s brothers.

The Word segment is a spoof of whatever the similar segment that Bill O’Reilly does. I don’t know whether BillO uses one word or more, but whichever, part of the joke probably refers back to whatever he does. Colbert’s segment can’t be judged totally on its own apart from the original.

Just what is the purpose or intent of the slash thru the O in THE WØRD?

To type this, BTW, hold down the alt key and type 0216 on the keypad, for UPPER CASE. For løwer case type 0248 instead.

The / adds a bit of truthiness.