Stephen! (podcast)


Well, you gotta love Sondheim, but ???

Well, you gotta love King, but ???

Well, you gotta love Hawking, but ???

I give up.

Well, you gotta love Colbert, but ???

Oh, that Foster.


Vaderesque, welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, we’re glad to have you with us.

We’re a moderated board, and so different from many other message boards out there. And we have lots and lots of threads, so people don’t like to read threads that have no point (or where the point is too obscure to be perceived.) I’m therefore closing this, assuming that it was a misfired joke or mistake.

If I’m incorrect, please send me an email at or just REPORT this post (click on the little ! in the red triangle in the upper right corner) and explain what you were intending, and I’d be glad to reverse my decision and re-open it.

Not a biggie, we’re very forgiving of newcomers and we hope we’re very welcoming.

Moderator reverses decision: Vaderesque has explained in a report that this is a reference to a comedy podcast, and thus in the nature of an “in”-joke. I’ve explained that “in”-jokes that leave out the vast majority of our posters are, well, inconsistent with the spirit of the boards* … so, I’ve edited the title and re-opened. This does, as Vaderesque worried, spoil the joke, but at least it allows people who get the reference to comment in some relevant fashion.

  • [sub] I realize that “inconsistent with the spirit of our boards” may sound formalistic and bureaucratic and huffy and arrogant, and I don’t mean any of those. My tone is meant as friendly and even humorous. I appreciate an in-joke as well as the next person, when I get it; and I feel left out when I don’t. And we don’t want the majority of our posters to feel left out.[/sub]

For the ancient Luddites among us, what is a “podcast?”

You know about the 1956 INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, where aliens are invading earth in the form of pods, that are trying to take over the whirled? Well…

I would be intrigued to learn whether the thread was intially locked because it was reported, or as a result of general tidying up. Is this Forum in the habit of locking essentially harmless threads simply if no one understands their point? Why not just let it die its natural death?


Or am I being whooshed?

visualize whirled peas

I hope so, lest the forum get cluttered with no-reply threads only of interest to their originators.



Discussion of moderator decisions goes to the Pit.

But I imagine the reason for closing it instead of letting it die is that occasionally such threads do get picked up by posters and turned into great chains of nonsense and non sequiter. This can be fun, but can also end up filling a forum with nonsense, which is definitely not what we want. So best just to nip such threads in the bud.


Anyone wanna let the rest of us in on this? I’m always looking for good podcasts, but this isn’t fighting any ignorance at all.