Very mild, but... the Dope isn't influencing popular culture

No one famous is shouting out to the SDMB. This isn’t the only group that likes bacon. This isn’t the only group that says “asshat.” If someone says something about 1920-style death rays, that might be a shout out. Mentioning pie isn’t a shout out.

I know people want to run with the in crowd, and lots of members like the idea of the Dope being some sort of super cool club for smart people. It really isn’t so, okay?

I told you it was mild.

Ha! I must’ve been reading the same threads you were, jsgoddess, 'cause I had exactly the same thought. It’s a bit silly to think we’re that (or at all) influential; reminds me of the twits on Television Without Pity who assume everything is a shout out by some TV writer who’s reading their boards. (Funnily enough, the use of “asshat” is one of the references they cite too.)

The first place I read asshat was on the Smile and Act Nice Boards (sadly, no longer around), and THAT was from an influx of posters from Something Awful.

Oh… baby… did you have a bad day? Here… let me rub those tired feet of yours, and you can tell me allll about it.

You like to give foot rubs? Are you some sort of pedo-phile?

See… you feel better already. Here have some pie … *at the bottom of an ocean trench! *

Shhh! All it takes is someone on SNL saying “Cite?”, just once, and we’re up to our eyeballs is post-modernist newbies.

The horror. The horror.

The real in-crowd is the 3rd grade class in Moose Bottom, Alaska. They got a shout-out from Palin.

What if Letterman put Hi, Opal in the 3rd spot on his top ten? Would we be cool then?

I would take back all past and future accusations of uncoolness. Uncoolity. Uncoolaciousness.

Well played, jsgoddess. Well played.

Thank you. It seems a week can’t go by without a “famous posters at the dope?” or “xyz tv show/movie/author/Jeopardy contestant shouted out the dope!” thread. This board is not even in the top 100 most popular boards on the net - didn’t even crack the top 20 in its heyday from what I remember - and no one thinks of it as some sort of elite online Mensa-type hangout except a few people on one side of the bell who are impressed by our mostly average babbling and a few insular snobs on the other side who don’t get intellectual stimulation anywhere else. I’ve met a lot of incredibly smart people in my life and most of them are about as interested in the internet as the smartest parents of baby-boomers were in television. This is an entertainment website.

Maybe you aren’t, but I am!

Oh. Sigh. I’m leaving then.

Asshat is old… umm, hat. But how about assbitches? I’ve never heard that anywhere else.

I’ll make it even easier. One of the characters on The Big Bang Theory consults Cecil (in the script), and I’ll concede a certain amount of cool. Say up to half of what the blowhards think.

OK, I’m really confused.

Bush was elected twice. The measure (YOUR measure) of coolness is to have the mainstream acknowledge it?

Sorry, don’t think so.

<hint - it’s not about popularity or fame - fame doesn’t legitimize>

Stressing out over whether you’re cool enough? Squaresville, kitten.

If they don’t know where you are, maybe they don’t know where it’s at. Dig?

Guys, /b/ influences pop culture. Do you really want this place to be like /b/?

(If you don’t know, you don’t. I cannot stress that enough.)

It’s possible Jon Cryer might post here, since Cecil mentions him as a fan in one of his columns. Any other speculation on famous posters is probably wishful thinking, though.