Stere Reeiver Q

I have a Scott 375R receiver, two Marantz 50 watt cabinets with 10" woofers, and one Optimus cab (100w). I currently have the Optimus up front, connected to the R side of the A set of speakers, and the Marantz cabs L and R on the B. Can I put jumpers across the L and R of the A set to send L and R audio the Optimus without ill effect, as long as the power doesn’t get too high?

No. Don’t do dat. Smoke City[sup]TM[/sup].

Well, actually, I have heard of people connecting a speaker to the L+ and R+ jacks, but I wouldn’t recommended that either. Especially with modern amps.

I assume there’s no mono/stereo switch for set A?

Are there line level input and output jacks for set A?

Audioplex Technology Stereo to Mono Summing Volume Control (750W)
Halfway down, right-hand side.

Yea, that will work. But Ilsa_Lund will have to weigh that against the cost of simply buying another Optimus speaker and hooking it to the left side of A.

There’s also a 200 W unit on the same page for about $25. Optimus™ speakers are made by RCA, and they’re not all that great. Overpriced exclusively at Radio Shack.