Steve Perry to release new album on October 5

Steve Perry, former frontman of Journey, is releasing a new album on October 5, to be called Traces, the singer has confirmed. It will be his first album in 25 years.

Perry has released a single, No Erasin’, in advance of the album. The video is embedded in the article I linked to.

Glad to hear that his voice hasn’t changed much (though I don’t find it nearly as appealing as I once did). I also cannot believe that I once had a giant crush on him. Must have been the hair:o. I’m not really crazy about that song but I’d I wouldn’t mind giving his other new stuff a listen. I would also pay a goodly amount to see him perform with the old Journey again (as long as they promised not to play anything off the Escape album).

Good straight-forward video, showing he’s still got what Dylan called “A set of pipes!”. So good to see him back.
Phun Phact, or not: Steve Perry’s Traces album is a note-for-note recreation of the Classics IV album from 1969.

Perry spent most of his hiatus from recording singing the first track of that album, “Everyday With You, Girl” in the shower. There have been sightings of him, venturing out to play that and the title cut “Traces” in front of Scrimshaw Coffee in San Diego (in a bad Weird Al disguise).

Ol’ Leather Lungs is back!