Steven Soderbergh retiring from film

According to this article:

I can understand burn-out, but he has a really unique position in Hollywood, where he can alternate art house films and blockbusters. One would assume that could keep it interesting. I thought “Director” was one of those jobs you could keep doing (assuming people hire you) until you drop.

The industry has changed. Even established Directors are finding it a struggle to maintain any kind of career or get their next project off the ground. They’re losing control over their own productions. Perhaps it’s getting too much for him.

I’m listening to the podcast where he said that right now, and he said that he spent a long time working on a biopic of Leni Riefenstahl, and thought to himself “Nobody is going to go see this!” and dropped the project.

Damn it! I would!

I totally would. Bummer.

I heard the whole thing, and it really doesn’t appear that he is not being offered work. He said that he’s turned down everything offered to him for the last two years.

Hopefully he’ll go off and do something else for a while then come back to film.

A better example of someone who plans to work until he drops is Manoel de Oliveira, who is still directing at 102:

He didn’t really get rolling as a director until he was in his seventies and wasn’t able to consistently make a film every year until he was in his eighties.

Announcements like this generally make me dubious. The word “retirement” frequently means “I am really worn out at the moment, but after a few years of sitting on the beach drinking margaritas, I will be just bored to death and compelled to jump back in the game.” I would bet that we WILL have him to kick around in the future.

I could see that being a problem with Soderbergh. I like his movies, but the guy isn’t Spielberg. By that I mean, with the exception of the Ocean’s flicks, he doesn’t create films that appeal to large audiences or are easily approachable.
The guy has a unique, I would even say daring vision, but if you’re not raking in the dough, few people in Hollywood are going to care about that.

For what it’s worth, Kevin Smith has also announced plans to retire from directing movies. He’s said that Hit Somebody, which he’s begun work on, will be his last movie.

Gotta build that podcasting empire. :dubious:

I think that everyone currently working in Hollywood should retire. And then burn down all of their studios.