Stevie Wonder makes me happy...

Just thought I’d share.

…writing’s on the wall, very superstitious…lalalala

He is the sunshine of my life.

I was listening to Overjoyed the other night with all the lights off, watching the snow fall.

THAT was a moment.

Neurotik, me too! Stevie Wonder can be counted upon to put me in a good mood: Uptight, For Once In My Life, THAT GIRL

:::That girl thinks that she’s so baaad, she turns my joy from sad… bomp bomp bah dah domp:::

(I think those are the words.)

Oh WSLer! Overjoyed and Isn’t She Lovely both make me cry! Such beautiful songs.

Wasn’t Isn’t She Lovely written about his child?

If it wasnt for Stevie Wonder, I wouldn’t know the joy of pogoing and waving my t-shirt around my head at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

My feet get all jiggy listening to Little Stevie Wonder! Then the butt starts movin’, the knees start a wavin’, my head starts a-bobbin’… I’m a dancin’ fool…

Love Stevie Wonder…"…that’s why I’ll always be around…"

I’ve been listening to his box set At The End Of The Century at work today.




One of the best box sets released in 1999.

Which was a surprise considering the horribly crappy job MoTown did on the previous Stevie Wonder compilation Song Review.

At The End Of The Century is well worth the $55-60 it costs, so rush out and get it RIGHT NOW!!!

Damn it, now I gotta go put on some Stevie…

I just listened to Talking Book a couple of hours ago. Great album. Tuesday Heartbreak, to be exact. The whole album is innovative. He makes me happy too. :smiley: I need to rush out and at least get a good compilation of his hits.

Hmmm…I just realized that Stevie Wonder does not always make me happy. I put on “Music of My Mind,” and I had forgotten how sad some of it is.

“…When the winter came, you were not around, through the bitter winds love could not be found”

The final song, “Evil” is a heartbreaker. Maybe I should turn this off and put on “The Secret Life of Plants” instead? That will make me think of spring.

“Superstition” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” are both guaranteed to make me smile. And probably bop around in my chair, too.