Stick a Q-Tip as deep as you can into your bellybutton...

Does the mere thought of this cause your hairs to stand on end and your entire body to suddenly feel all trembly and sweaty? Because I just thought of this the other day (no reason) and I realized that it completely freaks me out.

That, and a deep papercut ON YOUR EYEBALL. Just imagine the feeling of a piece of paper slicing open your eyeball…YeeaaaAChhKkhhhuubbabaooogabooga!!!

Do other people spend time thinking of stuff like this? Or is it just me?

I have to close my eyes shut really tight when snapping a three-ring binder closed because I am irrationally frightened of closing it on my eyeball.

You are not alone.

I frequently comtemplate both instances with fear (a friend actually got a papercut on her eyeball once - she didn’t seem too phased but I couldn’t stop shivering upon hearing of it), as well as getting fork tines stuck between my teeth, accidentally shaving off extremities such as lips or nipples (no, I don’t shave either) and getting chopsticks stuck in my brain (through the ear) - that one was due to childhood trauma. :smiley:

I also harbor a secret fear about popcorn bits getting up between my teeth and my gums and then rotting, and all the while I have no clue, until one day - my tooth falls out and green slimy pus gets in my mouth. Blearghh.

If I do the thing with the Q-tip I get a sharp pain all up my insides. And the Q-tip doesn’t smell good afterwards.

I have the same belly-button/q-tip reaction that jjimm does. I also don’t have too much eye-related squeamishness, but I just found a new horrible idea to torment myself with, while reading a pit thread:

Being barefoot… in a movie theater… during a children’s matinee.

-the stickiness-


What scares me: having my balls crushed by an elephant. Or a vise.

Is there anything that could crush your balls that wouldn’t scare you? Just wondering.

The paperclip on the eyeball doesn’t bother me. I’ve had both a pencil point and a fork stuck in my eye. So, eye accidents don’t really get to me. I love science and I loved discecting stuff in school. Even though things in my own eye don’t bother me, just the idea of Lasik surgery grosses me out. I can watch all kinds of medical shows without a single shudder but watching Lasik makes me almost pass out.

I don’t get grossed out by sticking things in my bellybutton. But, I know from experience that pushing anything too far in there hurts pretty damn bad. I clean mine out pretty regularly and it always hurts.


Belly button? No problem. I just did it in fact, just to be sure. However anything to do with eyeballs is too scary for words.

OMG - that is exactly my worst irrational fear! :eek:

Even the replies about the Q-Tip/Bellybutton question are making me shudder.

Q-tip in belly button–whatever.

Papercut on eyeball–neeeeeagggghhhh shudder

Catching the tendons of my neck on a clotheshanger hook–egads, it took me 90 seconds to type that sentance because I was freaking out so bad.

I can’t even look at *other *people having things touch their neck, much less have anything touch my own. I also can’t look dead on to a pencil or other pointy object because I’m sure I’m gonna fall on it and gouge out my eye. And many, many other crazy things. :rolleyes: :frowning:

I was having my teeth cleaned at the dentists a while ago. As the tech was scraping my teeth with the curved hook of maiming, I wondered what it would feel like if she slipped and slashed my gums really bad. This was almost a self-fulfilling thought as I almost sat up in fear.

Every time I get shampoo in my eyes I think they’re going to corrode away. It doesn’t hurt that bad, but it makes me feel like damage is being done.

In which Smeghead has all sorts of things inserted into and coming out of his navel.

Not for the overly squeamish. I’ll just point out that at one point, I had several foot-long cotton swabs sticking up out of my navel as I lay on a doctor’s examination table. It was my impression of a flower vase.

Q-tip in your bellybutton? Child’s play…ticklish, maybe.

Q-tip going down your urethra? … :eek:

Somehow, I can tolerate thinking about most of the stuff in this thread. The eye stuff doesn’t get to me that much…one time I randomly found a video on Google Video of an eye surgery being performed, and after the intiial HUUUEEAYYYGUAAAHHH reaction, I actually found it fascinating to watch.

What sends chillds down my spine is the idea of being barefoot and having one of my toes caught in a piece of machinery and ripped off. I can’t imagine a situation where that would ever be likely to happen to me, but thinking about it makes me shudder.

I have my own laser eye surgery on tape.

Gee, thanks for the paper cut to the eyeball image. Before this, all I had to worry about was getting zapped by a static shock to the eyeball every time I empty a dryer.

Everything else on here so far, meh.