Stick Figure Animation Software?

Is there a software program that allows one to easily and quickly create stick figure animation? I want to make stick figure Matrix fighting. :smiley:


This program lets you make stick figure visualizations for Windows Media Player and Winamp.

Not sure if this will work for you.
Its not quite “animations,” The figures will move to the music, though, and that’s cool.

Takes a bit to get the hang of it.

Ok, is there any hard way that I can slowly and tediously create high-quality stick figure animations? I want to do stick figure action scenes. Maybe I should email the people at stickdeath and ask what they do.


I have an Aiptek pen-pad thingy for drawing, which I absolutely adore when playing iSketch. It came with a flipbook-style program that supposedly allows you to output to .avi or .mpg files, which you could then transfer to some other format I guess. I don’t really know, haven’t used it much.

I think most of that stuff is done with a generic Macromedia Flash editor. It lends itself quite well to the Flash format. Somebody makes one for about $20.00, I think. You should be able to find it through google.