Sticky Situation Concerning My Brothers New Job

Okay, so my brother started a new job this week. He is going to try and sell knives for a company called Cutco. I knew from the get go that it had to be a scam and as luck would have it I did a search on the computer and come up with a site that pretty much tells you how the scam works.

Here is that website if you are interested. My heart sank after reading the article. I wanted to call him up and tell him but I am afraid he won’t listen to reason + today was his b-day and I didn’t want to ruin it for him. The problem is he is scheduling a in home demostration on Tuesday with some of the family members. And after reading the article I feel he is not only wasting his time in doing so, but the time of the family also. I feel horrible and it has put me in a bad spot. Basically what I’m asking is what should I do? Butt out or butt in?

Butt out.

Why should he butt out?

I think you give your brother the heads up on this, show him the site.

If, after that, he still wants to do it, well, then he’s been warned.

lol my cousin went to a seminar ( i was there just to watch) and they showed the whiole set, how to sell it, etc…even had the ‘inspireing successful worker’ come in on Q telling he just finished a sale,
you could do it too!

Ne ways, we laughed heartedly and my cousin decided to leave it at that…waste of time.

Well just wanted to post the outcome to the situation. I chose NOT to tell my brother about his job. I let my mom & dad do that. I copied off the website information and they chose to give him the papers. He isn’t going to be selling knives anymore. I know that was kind of chicken shit, but hey that’s why their the parents and I’m the kid (even if I am 33 yrs old). :slight_smile: