Stifling debate without justification

Wow. I do not understand why What_Exit is suddenly coming down on me like a ton of bricks. Closed my debate All Americans need education in Black studies
once and came back almost immediately threatening it again. Insulted my debate by calling it “a mess” and “witnessing, not a debate.” That’s downright unfair.

Debate means when somebody argues with me, I get to tell them why they’re wrong. Then they get a turn to tell me why I’m wrong. That’s what we were doing, but some individuals including inexplicably What Exit decided to attack and libel me instead of making the counter arguments that are expected in a debate. I mean, I am debating the issue. Somebody comes along to insult me and threadshit, how is that my fault? Thread ban that person, it’s only fair.

I don’t know what I did to turn you suddenly so harshly against me. I meekly agreed with your thread ban of me yesterday and I thought we were all being reasonable here. But today I’m honestly baffled why you seem to have it in for me.

Don’t know you other than being here a long time like myself.
I don’t have it in for you at all. We never interacted as Mod and poster before yesterday.

Your thread is a mess.
You opened by Jr. Modding almost immediately.
You quoted a poster out of context to make a point to another poster.
Your debate is more witnessing than debate.

Dinsdale is correct.

I am not debating your topic, I am moderating your thread. There is a huge difference.

Your judgment about quoting DavidNRockies “out of context” is ridiculous. He was calling my OP “an inherently reasonable proposition.” I like how he wrote that once sentence and made it a pull quote to highlight it as an example of a good debate argument.

You call my self-defense against unfair accusations “junior modding,” which again is unfair, or else I could not say anything against an unfair accusation like Dinsdale’s.

You repeat the insults about “a mess” and “witnessing,” but that’s way too unfair and denigrating. Those accusations are untrue and I’m asking you to stop repeating them.

Funny, the poster in question felt they were being quoted out of context and to my eye, they were 100% correct.

I’m not sure what @What_Exit was referring to but I would call this junior modding:

It seems wrong to me to start a GD where the topic up for debate is whether there should be a specific Black studies course, and then try to forbid anyone from questioning it by proposing anything else.

That was not junior modding in the slightest. I was stating my intention for how I planned to conduct myself in the debate. I wasn’t telling anybody else what to do or what not to do. You misinterpreted what I said very badly.

Now, here I am asking: Don’t call my thread a “mess” and don’t call it “not a debate.” I’m allowed to defend the existence of my own argument. That isn’t junior modding. That’s debating.

I accept that this was not your intent, but perhaps rather than lecturing me that I misinterpreted you “very badly” you should examine whether you expressed yourself clearly when you said:

“My intent for this thread…”

That sounds very much like an OP specifying the intended scope of their thread. It looks to me that @Acsenray interpreted your post in just the same way I did, specifying scope.

Your mess of a thread has earned such comments from posts like this:

Hijacking your own thread with BLM is messy.
“Wrong response!” is just Jr. Modding, not debate. Messy

Stating a strong idea without any details in the OP is witnessing and not debate. Messy.

No, saying when I think someone is wrong is not junior modding. That’s ridiculous. Telling each other why they’re wrong is the essence of debate. I’m very badly disappointed in your misjudgment of me and your decision to continue insulting me after I asked you not to.

Not all debates have to start with “details.” That is also ridiculous. Details can be requested and brought up in the course of the debate. My cite: Thousands of Great Debates that started without “details” and went on just fine, without anyone insulting the OP.

Nonsense. He was clearly disagreeing with your false equivalence between responses in the thread and the “All Lives Matter” response to BLM. But you selectively quoted him to make it appear that he was agreeing with your analogy.

Since you have drawn attention to this and solicited opinions - my opinion is that you should have got a warning for this.

It was close, but I was lenient, again. But now I have a poster that thinks I’m out to get them or something silly.

If I was out to get them, they would have had 2 warnings in 2 days.

Oh, and I am “attacking” the content of your posts and not you as a poster. So drop this insulting the OP schtick please.

I will say, I’m pretty unclear on what the proposal is. It goes back and forth between “every school” to “all Americans” without exception to “a full semester course”. Is this something you believe should be happening in every elementary, middle, and high school? Colleges and universities also? Something that all adults should also be required to attend? Do you think this should be a national law? Whom do you think should write the curricula?

I know the details can get hashed out; but right now the proposal seems only one step less fanciful than demanding that “Every person should stop being racist, right now, without exception.” It’s unclear if you mean it in that “Everyone gets a pony” wishful thinking model, or if you believe it’s actually a pragmatic suggestion, or if it’s a thought experiement, or something else.

“Messy” might be a good description.

WTF? Now who’s junior modding? Do you all see this?

Yes, I really meant it as a serious proposal. What’s so hard to see about that? If I didn’t really mean it, I wouldn’t have said it.

Discussion of mod actions in ATMB is absolutely not junior modding. It’s the one place where we’re allowed to discuss moderator action.

The correct question is “WTF? Now who’s stifling debate? Do you all see this?”

That is not Jr. Modding.

Why don’t you just let this thread die off now. Reread your posts back in the other thread and maybe you’ll see what many of us are seeing.

This is the forum where we express or opinions about moderation. You have solicited those opinions by starting this thread, and I am giving them.

Oh, baloney. Since when is a poster allowed to call for a warning against another poster? Never that I’ve ever seen around here.

Since forever in ATMB. If you’ve not seen it, that’s on you.

The only WTF is that you’ve been around this long but you don’t seem to know how anything works here.

I certainly have no personal agenda against you, and I fully support your GD proposal (in some form) for what it’s worth.