Still life with people--what style?

My daughter is doing a report on Baroque artist Diego Valezquez. He has a few paintings that are still lifes with people. Does this have a name. I looked it up and it seemed to be the Bodegon style, but her teacher insists that this is incorrect. What is the art term for a still life with people?

Is it like . . . link to an example. If it’s one of those “Christ in the House of Mary and Martha things”, sometimes it’s called a “mannerist inversion”-- developed in Flanders and makes its way down there. Still life yummies in the foreground with maids and such and the “main narrative” stuck in the back? Or are you talking about something like the waterseller of Seville? A bodegon is more like a straight “genre scene” of that sort.

A bodegon is exactly what I am talking about, given the fact that the artist is Diego Valezquez. The Spanish teacher insists bodegon has no people. From my research, she is just plain wrong.