Still snapshot of DVD frame

I would like to take a screen snapsnot of the still DVD frame. And then, thereby, manipute it for cropping and sizing etc to then print. I’m not having much luck. I still the DVD - cntrl-PrtSc, and then paste that into anything. I’ve tried Word, Notepad, Paintbrush. It goes, then I save it and open that file up again and the picutre image in just a black rectangle. The surrounding area is there but, the still frame of the DVD is just black.

There must be a way to do this.:smack:

I’m pretty sure that PowerDVD XP has a built-in function to save stills. You have to buy it, though, it’s not free or shareware software.

What DVD software are you using? I use CyberLink PowerDVD which has a button you can click which will take a snapshot of a frame and put it in your clipboard. You can then do a paste into whatever graphics program you’re using.

To do this you need video capture software, such as SnagIt from

I’m using InterVideo WinDVD.

I got Snagit and it does the same thing. What gives?

I’d also recommend HyperSnap DX.