Stink Bugs...grrr....

I’m in central MD. The stink bugs were annoying last year, but given the recent temperate weather, they’re peeking out again (as though they ever went away completely). We nabbed them here and there throughout the winter, but the frequency is picking up.

There’s a two year old here, and an infant coming soon. The two year old has been having a cough that roughly coincides with the stink bugs’ return.

Does anyone have experience with these bastards? I know the “seal the house” and soapy water things, as well as the permethrin approach - but this is a large house (6 bedrooms) with lots of potential access points for a tiny-assed bug. And just killing them as they appear seems Sysiphean.

Someone invented a glue trap that attracts them with a particular scent. It is a similar concept to Japanese Beetle traps.

Should be on shelves soon in NE and Mid-Atlantic. Other than sealing things up, I don’t have other options.

One thing that works for me here in DE is to not leave anything in the garage that will then be brought into the home. The garage is filled with stinkers hiding for the winter. One coat left in the garage on a hook wound up with dozens of them in the sleeves and pockets and was carried into the house. What a mess.

Focus on the garage… right now. Garage, and attic… these are absolutely teeming with them in every nook and cranny. This is the 80/20 rule in full effect: 20% of your home is harboring 80% or more of the stink bugs you will deal with.