How does one repel earwigs?

Every summer, for 1-2 months, the house gets infested by the little bastards and I am sick of it. Does anyone know of any simple method (possibly a scent or something) that will keep them away from certain areas? Thanks!

We used to have MAJOR earwig infestations every summer, until we had new basement windows installed…the mortared glass block kind that is.

We still find a 'wig or few, through the season, but NOTHING like we used to. Sealing all cracks and holes helps a great deal.

Something else I came up with on my own was stripping away all plant life within a 3 foot border around the perimeter of the house. Earwigs love brush, especially hedges.

You might want to try sprinkling a “mote” of Sevin Dust around the foundation of your home and outside of doorways. I don’t recommend using Sevin if you have pets that could get into the dust, though, as it would seriously mess Fido or Fluffy up. :frowning:

My preferred extermination method is: A can of regular scent Lysol and a Bic® Aim-N-Flame makes for a fun flamethrower. Ahhhhhh, makes ya feel just like Lt. Ripley in Aliens. “Get away from my house YOU BITCH!”
Damn earwigs, only second in revulsion to the dreaded cockroach, IMHO.

I hate those disgusting little bugs!

You can make a good earwig trap with a wet, folded newspaper. Throw it on the ground before the sun goes down. Earwigs love moist, dark places and they’ll crawl right inside for the night. In the morning, simply crumple up the newspaper and throw it in your neighbor’s yard.

Those little bastards are simply evil… one time I retreived a water gun hanging from a tree branch over the winter only to find about 2 dozen disgusting earwigs come crawling out. We don’t have enough of them to warrent any special killing methods, but do be careful using the flame-thrower approach. I read about a guy who used a propane torch to vaporize cobwebs in his house instead of the normal broom or vaccuum… guy ended up burning down his house :frowning:

Wow, they infest?

Didn’t even know that. . . . always though they where a garden thing.

Do the standard Anti-Bug-Ops checks though. Make sure there are no hidiously obvious holes lying around. put grates on all vents and check all preexisting grates to make sure they do not have any holes.

Make sure all windows are properly sealed.

Remove any bushs that are right upside the house.

Think about replacing your Earwig Infestation with a Spider Infestation. :slight_smile: At least the Spiders will eat bugs. . . .

<— lives in the Pacific Northwest where such icky creepy things do not exist in such vaste droves as to be called infestations.

Thanks for your answers! I guess we just have to be diligent about sealing up all cracks and vents. The earwigs mostly come in the house at night and disappear again by morning.

When we’d get tons of them coming in from the mulch bed outside the house, we’d just call an exterminator, who’d spray for them. They’d be dead all summer.

When we’d get tons of them coming in from the mulch bed outside the house, we’d just call an exterminator, who’d spray for them. They’d be dead all summer.

(Of course, they were dead forever, but we didn’t get new ones till the next year)

I would probably just visit the hardware store & ask them for a spray. & spray around the house
foundation. Thats just what pros do, of course, they charge a pretty penny.