Stir fried frozen veggies-- thaw or no?

Got my pepper steak strips marinating in a soy sauce, ponzu, many other tasty and aromatic thing marinade. Got fresh broccoli, carrots, onions and peppers ready to slice. Also got a bag of frozen snow peas. Should I thaw the snow peas before stir frying or no?

Further info-- they are going in alone in the pan and pulled out when they are done no matter if frozen or not.

Putting frozen veggies directly into the pan is preferred. You want to go from frozen to cooked as fast as possible to avoid sogginess, so you want that pan screaming hot when you put them in, and keep them moving. Should be done in just 2-3 minutes.

Thank you! I’ve seen both ways in recipes and I thought and hoped doing it direct from frozen would help the texture.

I too cook them frozen. Works great.

I have never thawed a frozen vegetable, regardless of cooking method.

Me either.