Stir of Echoes question

I know this is not very topical, but I just got around to seeing the movie Stir of Echoes.

What was the deal with the character’s unquenchable thirst? Whenever he has a paranormal experience, afterwards he grabs the nearest glass, bottle, or carton of drink (preferably o.j.) and chugs it.

Any help?

Is that the movie with nicholas cage in it? If so, thats a great movie! I’m not so sure about the thirst either. It’s been a long time since I saw it.

Sorry I wasn’t more specific. No, it’s with Kevin Bacon. He, his wife, and young son live in Chicago. After being given a post-hypnotic suggestion, he starts having disturbing visions, obviously of the ghostly sort. I’m not sure which N. Cage movie you’re thinking of.

This movie left me with enough questions that I wanted to read the book. Unfortunately, the library doesn’t carry it. Amazon sells it, but the reviews weren’t very good. If you’re interested, one of us could buy it and then resell it to anyone else. I’m game. Those questions haunt me.

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Wild Ass Answer To The OP: In the movie The Sixth Sense, whenever a spirit had a concrete effect on the living world, the temperature would plummit dramatically. My hypothosis was that moving objects around used a large amount of energy, and the spirit would gain some of that energy in the form of heat in the surrounding air.

Perhaps, in Stir Of Echoes, being able to SEE spirits consumes a lot of calories which heated up Kevin Bacon’s body and forced him to rehydrate himself. The scenes where he’d have a sudden craving for a pastrami on rye with extra butter were cut out because of length. :slight_smile:

The orange juice could also reflect a craving or thirst that the ghost is having.

I liked the movie - whenever I go to the Music Box I picture the hypnotism scenes.

If the container labels are showing, the answer may be simply “product placement revenue”.

But I think the filmmakers were trying to show that these visions caused physiological distress (thirst? excessive heat?), and by showing that we would feel more empathy for Kevin Bacon’s character.