Stock Ownership

Just looking at the insider section in Scottrade.

They have a little section on the side which gives the percentage ownership:

Firms: 0.8%
Investment Managers: 45.8%
Anyway, is there a way to find out who owns shares of a public company?

Im talking a list from people who own 10 million shares to people who own 1 share.

The SEC requires anybody with more than 5% equity in a publicly-traded company to be disclosed. Institutional investors are also disclosed. You can find the lists on any finance site by looking for “ownership information” (or similar phraseology).

But no, your grandma’s one share of Coca-Cola is not public information.

Can you give a specific please?

Major holders of Apple:

Don’t know the US situation, but here in Aust there is a loophole that if under the guise of a public interest campaign or if you are proposing to put a motion at the AGM, or are proposing to stand for election and seeking proxies then you can request the company secretary/registrar for a full shareholders list including mailing details and holdings and they must provide it.

A certain class of bottom feeders use this info to identify owners of small share parcels and make a low ball offer from elderly/novice/retail investors who have picked up a micro hlding as their share of an inheritance etc.

The prime mover in this tactic here is one David Tweed. There are reports he’s been tooking to expand Stateside.

Let’s put it this way: would you be happy if anyone at all could completely reconstruct your stock portfolio (which they could if such lists were available)? I wouldn’t.

(Picture a marketeer calling you up: “I noticed that you own 100 shares of Cisco Systems stock. Are you aware that’s not a good stock to own right now? If you just subscribe to my newsletter it will explain why…”)

Some publically held corporations (perhaps “many,” maybe even “all”) provide a mechanism in their bylaws for making a list of all stockholders entitled to vote at the annual meeting (i.e., a list of all stockholders, their mailing addresses, and the number of shares they hold as of the record date) available for inspection by any other stockholder. The list may be available electronically, or at the corporation offices, or at the annual meeting, depending on the company. For details on the process regarding a specific company, try googling the company name, “bylaws”, and “list”.

Note that you have to be a shareholder. Also note that being a shareholder only requires that you own one share.

Note also that many people hold their shares in “street name” which means that their individual names will not appear in the above list; their brokerage’s will, with their shares combined with all of the other shares owned by that brokerage’s clients.

Others have indicated where you can find info on large holders, and insider holdings as well. I think you can find lists of all institutional holders on for all US stocks, not just NASDAQ stocks.

I know of no way for a member of the public to access a list of all shareholders (including individuals with small holdings) of a company, nor do I think even the company can do that without requesting lists from all brokerages that have clients that own their stock.

If you tell us what your purpose is, we might be able to find another way to get you the information you need.