Stock sale

Will someone please help me find how I can sell some stock in VPFG?

How do you own the stock? Or are you trying to short sell the stock? If it is in your 401k or something similar you’ll most likely have to go to the portal for the company that manages the 401k. If on the other hand you own it as part of your normal portfolio then you can go to your broker and have them sell if for you. If you’re looking to short sell I’ll let one of the pros handle it

I bought it years ago. The company was bought out a and I lost track of it. It last sold on NASDAQ
for about $28. I just want to sell it.

Do you know what brokerage you bought it through? You’re going to need to know where it is or have the actual paper certificate if you want to sell it.
If you know who/what company you bought it through, you should be able to give them a call and have them sell it for you.

I bought it as an IPO from the company, not thru a broker, I have the certificate. The corporation was Viewpoint Bank Financial Group and it was bought by Legacy Bank which was bought by Prosperity Bank.

You generally need to go to the transfer agent and swap the certificate for the current stock at whatever the conversion was at each acquisition. You will have to deposit the stock with your broker and put a sell order in.

It looks like the transfer agent for Prosperity Bank is Computershare You can start by contacting them and seeing if any Prosperity shares are in your name. After multiple mergers, I don’t know how the original Viewpoint shares were handled. It may have been that they buyers tried to contact all shareholders and then claimed those not heard from were lost.

And as long as I have it you may as well have Prosperity Banchares address.

Prosperity Bank Plaza
4295 San Felipe
Houston, Texas 77027

Former stockbroker here.
Yes, the transfer agent is the place to start and Computershare is by far the largest. They’ll redeem the shares for whatever the final buyout price was

Check with the transfer agent by all means, but while you’re waiting to hear from them, check the appropriate state’s unclaimed property office. I’m guessing they tried to contact you at the time of the sale to Legacy Bank but didn’t have a current address. Your best bet is whichever state they had in their files as your address when they lost track of you. But I’d check every state you’ve lived in since buying the stock just to be sure. Each state takes only a few seconds to search.