Stolen content?

Came across this thread tonight-

Wholly lifted from a SDMB thread.

Yeah, they did reprint the thread as it was originally posted on the Dope. But it also links back here to the Dope and you can view it in the original page. So I don’t know if it’s kosher or not. They don’t seem to be wholly appropriating it as they seem to be sidestepping the matter of violating the Dope’s copyright to the content. But that’s probably something for the staff to sort out and I’m sure they appreciate being notified about it.

Edit - Link to the original thread:

Thanks for linking to the original thread- and I do see now how they linked it back, It was pretty strange to see a whole SDMB thread posted, as is, on another website!

aw, why couldn’t they lift one of the Holocaust Denier threads? We coulda created a singularity…

It looks like that entire site is just various message board threads copied in the same manner. I don’t understand it.

I haven’t looked at that whole site, but that does appear to be content theft. Sure, they provide a link to the original thread – with a wholely unnecessary HealthTalkie header that is not SDMB content. There’s nothing else in their article put the unformatted post content.

I imagine that page is up to nefarious purposes besides just plagiarism.

Yup, this is of course without consent or even knowledge … and these people have theier own agenda/needs that have nothing to do with this site.

It’s a common problem on the internet; you want to sell something or fool somebody and you don’t have content of your own. What to do? Lift it from somewhere else.

There could also be malware on these other pages as well. I wouldn’t click on anything.

I’m guessing is run by the same outfit.