Stolen government double eagles.

I am hot on the trail of $60,000.00 worth of gold double eagles stolen from a government train and buried on a mountain slope near where I live in central Colorado. The forest in which they buried it has been burned to the ground several times in the last 130 years. How much erosion do you think has taken place? The chest was supposedly buried rather shallow, the posse was right on their trail. If I were lucky enough to find them, where would I take them to get top dollar? There is a dutch oven filled with California gold dust in Rocky Mountain National Park on the eastern shores of Grand Lake. Will it remain buried forever due to restrictions on mining in National Parks, or could I somehow secure permission to look? Who could grant such permissio? Seems a shame for all that gold to just sit there forever. Thank you.
Manuel J. Chavez,
Colorado Treasure Hunter

While you’re at it, I could use a bit of help with this Beall Tresure thing I’ve been working on.

Not to mention that Oak Island thingy…

I lost a couple of dollars in change once in Death Valley. It would be near the motel in Stovepipe Wells. I am prepared to pay a 20% finder’s fee to the person who finds the money.

I thought this was a serious site for discussion, now I see that is not true. Please disregard my inquiries, obviously no-one of intelligence plans on answering. One more reason to avoid chat rooms like the plague they become.

This is a serious site for discussion. This isn’t a serious discussion.

All right all right already. Here’s some serious answers for you.

Where to sell gold double eagles? I imagine a numismatist (coin collector) would give you the best price for that, at least a higher price than if you sold them purely for the weight of the gold. Look in the phone book for coin dealers or go to a coin show.

Can you dig in a National Park?
Here’s what this web page says (in brief):

In national parks, you shouldn’t dig because it’s illegal to disturb wildlife, plants, fossils, geological formations (e.g. caves) or human artifacts. Metal detectors only allowed for “authorized” scientific, mining or administrative use. What constitutes “authorized” mining use? I imagine the National Park service could tell you. Give them a ringie-dingie.

Thank you for that, I appreciate the links and will follow them. I read an article by Cecil about the Oak Island Treasure that was very good, but failed to mention that the Knights Templar probably built the original pit due to it’s complexity. There may be some relics of incredible beauty and significance at the bottom of the whole mess, I hope they keep trying. Thanks again, The Colorado Treasure hunter.

Speaking of Oak Island, does anyone know if the Triton Company has done anything to the island in recent years, or is everything just lying around?

About the stuff in National Parks: legally, it’s pretty much off-limits. Of course, if you should just happen to find some gold coins (*wink, wink), I’d say just throw 'em in your pocket, dig a hole in the flower garden back home, and say you found them there :wink:

First, remember that “government train” was likely money to pay soldiers, so like as not the money was insured.

Yes, if you are lucky enough to find such a treasure and for some reason cannot keep it a secret, then folks will come out of the woodwork to try and get a piece of that, current and former landowners, the county, the state, etc… including and especially the insurance companies that originally made good on the loss.

But do let us know how you make out.

Aren’t the Knights Templar those freaks in England who claim that the have not one, but five Arcs? (As in the Arc of the Covenant?)

Now there’s one I had not thought about, the insurance people. The coins and their burial are real. The area is quite rugged, but I know it is there, so I must search. Finding something like that would make anyone’s heart beat faster. I heard that the Oak Island Treasure hunt continues, I certainly hope so because the potential find could be quite historical and valuable. If it is indeed the Knights Templar who engineered the Pit, then you know a vast and substantial treasure is hidden there. Why else would the Pit be so complex and deep? Hopefully, my loot will be a lot easier to uncover. I can dream, can’t I? I appreciate the feedback I am getting, a man armed with friendly info is one to contend with. I am making a trek this weekend to the ‘hot’ zone on the slopes of Devil’s Head Mountain. Thanks ya’ll. The Colorado Treasure Hunter.

I keep trying to figure out if this guy is serious, or taking us for a ride. I still haven’t come to a conclusion.

I am dead serious. Looking for old relics and coins has been a hobby of mine for about 6 years now. Colorado offers many hidden caches, stolen loot, and lost gold veins simply waiting to be discovered again. A recent Discovery Channel special outlined the theory of the Knights Templar having every reason and every opportunity to engineer the Money Pit. One possible theory does contain speculation that the Arc of the Covenant is there. I am an atheist, the object contains no supernatural powers in my humble opinion, however, the object is said to have existed and was in possession of the Knights Templar. Look how elaborate the Pit’s design is. Only Freemasons could have constructed it. They wanted to conceal something down there, something very valuable. Back to Colorado, I will have to be incredibly lucky to stumble upon a chest buried 130 years ago. It is the thrill of the chase. Auf wiedersehen!!

The Discovery Channel is also airing a show called ‘Conspiracy Theories’ which advocates the theory that man has never landed on the moon. Kind of kills their credibility right there.

A requirement of the Knights Templar building the Money Pit would be evidence of their ever having been to North America (at least during the time period in which they were powerful), which would be cool, if it existed. Methinks you have seen too many episodes of ‘In Search Of’. I won’t even touch the Ark of the Covenant stuff…

You may be surprised to know that I believe the lunar landings WERE fake. Go online and read several of the interesting pages concerning the shenanigans surrounding the Apollo mission. Why has it been almost 40 years and no return? Surely our technology could breeze a crew up there in a fraction of the time. Hogwash, it was a staged fiasco, intented to stay one step ahead of the Russkies in the minds of simple people who never question anything that will rock their world. I stated that I am a proud atheist. Boogy men, angels, fairies, devils, voodoo, all the same, human madness attempting to explain the obvious. The American Southwest was crawling with Spaniards by the 1500’s. The Knights Templar did have the means and know how to reach Oak Island. Unless one assumes, of course, that pirates of University Professor calibre were plying the seas and building elaborate safeguards over their plundered treasure. The Freemasons possessed such knowledge, and Knights Templars were also Freemasons. If your government had never lied to you, you may have a case in the lunar landing conspiracy. It does, however, lie on a regular basis. The Ark, by the way, is another lie stolen from the Epic of Gilgamesh and rewritten to suit white, European ‘christians’ who lacked a beginning of their own. One should read and see the aforementioned programs and websites before delivering such uninformed opinions to this discussion. I am perfectly capable of extremely vulgar references to your character if that is what you wish. I prefer to stick to my original questions, something you have managed to twist to your bored advantage. I ask that this remain civilised while I attempt to garner more information on my endeavour.

Please see me in the Pit.

SMS Seydlitz, you possess some nuggets of information, however the truth escapes you. Man (and woman) has indeed landed on the moon. However it is not the much-publicized (yet non-existent) USA space program. It is, indeed, the Knights Templar who have achieved this goal of the human race. As a matter of fact, the Ark of the Covenant (to call it by its modern name) is currently stashed in a vacuum-proof container near the edge of Agatharchides crater (the name of the crater, of course, holding special significance to those in the know.)

I have as proof a hand-written document relating the technical details of the space-going vessel, that my father passed on to me. The document was obtained by my father when he joined the International Order of Foresters (a templar-affiliated organization) as a young man in Quebec.

I have been attempted to find funding to mount an expedition to our satellite to recover this precious artifact. Unfortunately timid souls refuse to help me in my quest. Are any SDMB members courageous enough to join me?

C’mon folks! We all know that the Ark is sitting in an old Nazi warehouse, where it was put after all those ghosts killed everybody. Luckily, Indy had his eyes closed.

But SMS? The Ark was written about in the Old Testament, so I hardly think it was an idea concocted to appease a bunch of white europeans…

Are you sure it doesn’t tell you how to enter the money pit? I’m pretty sure its the entrance point for the Elevator Shaft To The Moon™… (rolley eyes face here)