stomach contents

Okay, my son just said he was full after eating not much, so I got to thinking.
How much can an adult eat(in lbs.) before doing serious damage to their stomach? What is the record?
How little can someone eat and still live? I recall Dick gGregory(for president) once said he fasted for 8 months. This is hard to believe, unless he was counting fruit juice

It’s my understanding that when the human stomach reaches its limit on food, if you send more food down, it just returns it to sender. Quickly.

However, alcohol is different, as witness the many fraternity hazing deaths due to chugging quarts of vodka.

I don’t know what the record is for “most food ingested” but you could look up a guy named Diamond Jim Brady and read all about the enormous quantities of food he was reliably reported to eat at every meal.

Ghandi also fasted for long periods, but I don’t think he “cheated” by including fruit juices.

If you could drink enough alcohol to fill your stomach quickly, it would start “returning to sender” too. In fact, way before you reach the stomach’s physical limit, your body will detect the alcohol in the blood, that it’s coming from the digestive tract, and vomit up the stomach’s contents in hopes that no more will be absorbed.

Chugging vodka beats the vomit reflex because it’s so concentrated (80-100 proof). So before the body can trigger the vomit reflex, most of the alcohol in the vodka is absorbed. For someone not used to alcohol, 0.20% BAC can be lethal.