Stomach issues

Does anyone have problems with diarrhea after eating teriyaki? After a meal of steak and fried rice with teriyaki I had bad cramps that ended with awful diarrhea. Any body have trouble when eating Japanese?

Since the OP is asking about personal experiences, let’s move this to IMHO.

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You’ve got several things possibly working against you:
Sugar and alcohol (which is essentially fermented sugar) releases alot of “gas” during digestion.
Ginger and garlic are known to promote intestinal motility.
And soy is a known irritant of IBS (particularly microscopic colitis)

so, any one or all of those things could be causing the diarrhea. The obvious advice is to cut out teriyaki from your diet and take note if any of the above ingredients cause trouble at any other time.


Not me personally. Try an elimination diet while keeping a food log if you want to know what specifically it is about the food you need to avoid. The same ingredient could be in other types of food you eat and also maybe eliminating that one thing would let you eat Asian-style cuisine pain-free.

OP, are you on a gluten-free diet due to medical necessity? Soy sauce contains gluten, and it can contain enough to trigger a reaction.

MSG? I know, don’t throw things at me.

“awful” diarrhea?

Doesn’t that suggest the existence of “splendid” diarrhea? I can see describing diarrhea as profuse, hemorrhagic, mucoid, fetid, etc. But isn’t diarrhea by definition awful?

Sorry for running on like that, back to my breaky.

Was this a meal you cooked, or was it from a restaurant? For example, Thai food from a certain popular chain restaurant makes me sick within an hour, but if I cook the food at home, or eat at a more authentic place, I have no side effects.

As opposed to a quick bout of diarrhea, which certainly isn’t wonderful (being diarrhea), but at least it goes away quickly.

I have gastrointestinal distress when I eat things that have sesame oil in/on them, which quite a bit of Asian food seems to be. I learned this the hard way on my honeymoon.

Perhaps something you’re eating with the teriyaki sauce has been cooked in something you’re allergic to? Maybe an oil?

Does the OP experience the symptoms rarely or more frequently?

cramps along with diarrhea sounds like food poisoning, e.g. salmonellosis or norovirus.