stomach sensations vs. bladder sensations

OK, I posted this on a Yahoo board :confused:and got stupid answers:dubious:, so I am trying “the teeming millions” to see if you all can come up with something better.

I am not a medical person, so please make the explanation as simple for average people as you can.

Here is my question…

Why is it that our stomachs feel most comfortable when they are full, and our bladders feel most comfortable when they are empty?

And I do not need the answer “our bodies are designed that way to tell us when to eat or pee”… DUH! :smack:I mean, come on… I am looking for an answer about the mechanics of it all, if I may refer to fascinating bodily functions in such a crude manner.

Thank you!

A full bladder needs to be emptied by the user, no doubt about that. So obviously the bladder has nerves that cause a painful sensation when the bladder walls are stretched and the bladder is full, therefore warning the user to empty the bladder. The stomach on the other hand is more complicated. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable stomach sensations when their stomach is full, and others when their stomach is empty. One reason is that the stomach produces acid, and if there is too much acid, nerves respond with pain. Depending on the person, having food in their stomach can absorb the acid and remove the pain, while for others adding food to the stomach will cause the stomach to produce too much acid in response. This is why antacids of various sorts are so common – one of the biggest sellers in the pharma industry.