Stonehenge in detail

I have to make a higly detailed, realistic 3D model of Stonehenge; I already have a whole bunch of image references, but I was wondering if there´s any source for dimensional drawings from the site. My Christams wish would be drawings for each individual stone, but maybe that´s too much to ask for. :slight_smile:

Here’s a site (without a lot of the usual pseudoscientific mummery) that has some rough dimensions for a scale model.


Thanks for the links, the one with the dimensions for a scale model is the most useful so far. However the drawings and models lack the detail I need (it´s for a photorealistic CG scene on a movie).
Today at work I muscled my way through 100 hundred different pictures of the stones and I managed to extract a front, rear and top view for most of the stones. I´ll have to look for more references still, so any other contributions are gladly accepted!

Just a small word of advice… I know that the dimension given for the height of the model says 18", but the band really wants it to be 18’.

If you want to be lazy, there are a few models already done available for purchase on Turbo Squid.

You mean like this?

One of those 3D models looks good, but I´ll have to check with the studio director; my hunch is that he´ll want it done in-house, hey! we have quality standards here… :smiley:

APB, I had already visited that site, it´s very useful (specially the 360 degrees scan of the interior of the circle)