Where can I find blueprints of the Golden Gate Bridge?

…either on-line, or in a book?

I need some good architectural plans of the bridge for some 3D modeling I’m doing for a flight sim. I don’t need hyper-detailed plans—I don’t need to know where every bolt, beam and rivet are—but I’d need at least a decent overview of the entire structure. With notes on height, length, and scale, preferably

All my searches on google have resulted in “thumbnails” of blueprint prints for sale. And my local library just doesn’t have any books on Ol’ Goldie in stock…I could order them for another branch, but since I’d be doing it “blind,” I wouldn’t know which books would have the information I need.

Can anyone help?


P.S…I don’t suppose anyone knows where I could find any diagrams of the Transamerica Pyramid, too?

You might try the Rice University Bridge Project or UC Berkeley.

This guy built a model of it from blueprints.

Probably somewhere in Saudi Arabia. :dubious:

I’ve seen lots of posters that feature a blueprint of the Bridge. Basically a pencil drawing of the Bridge, view from inside the Bay, with basic notation of distances, widths, and angles. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve studied one, so I could be wrong. Try a website that would sell touristy posters (or if you’re a local, the Bridge’s gift shop or the Wharf).

Can’t help you on the Pyramid.

And as a fan of all things San Francisco, I’d be interested to see the finished product.

Yup. For once, I’m struck speechless.

This poster has the rough overall dimensions. (although you can’t see them from the online picture) A coworker of mine has it framed and it’s also an attractive piece of art…

That may very well be the one I’m thinking of, although I think there’s a more traditional-looking white-on-blue poster, as well.