Stoner Question (Burp). . .

Why do I swallow so much air when I smoke? And why do I have so much trouble burping it back up?

I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual inhalation processI tend to get thirsty, so I always drink a lot of water. So does being stoned cause me to forget how to swallow properly? Is there some completely different answer? Most importantly, how do I fix this (it’s kinda annoying)?



OK, I’ll acknowledge your bump by saying that I never seemed to swallow that much air when I toked up, back in the day… :slight_smile: (why don’t we have a “stoned” smiley?)

But possibly when you are baked, you are a bit more relaxed than usual, and DO swallow more air than normal when you drink…

I’ve had a tendency to do the same thing. In my case, I think the harshness of the smoke on my throat causes me to start swallowing a lot, and some air is bound to go down. Several minutes later I sometimes burp a puff of smoke.

I don’t know if that’s your situation, but if it is, I’d just try to cut down on the swallowing after you inhale.