Stooopid Lady...(If you don't like people who shoot varmints...don't read)

Well, I’ll start this off by saying:

  • This isn’t going to be a very fabulous rant, just me getting a little steam off-
    Backround: my father and I are both avid hunters, and we like to shoot ground squirrels/badgers/crows/other varmints for people who own ranches and hire us to get rid of them. Yes, these little pests are harmful enough to warrant hired killers.
    Yesterday morning about 7 am I was on the phone with my freind, the Stupid Lady’s daughter. My freind is very accepting of me shooting the little buggers, and has wanted to come with us for a while. My dad was getting our things together, including the rifles we would be using. Since our house is rather large, instead of yelling out, asking which rifle I would be using, he picked up the phone and asked me. (yes, these rifles are in a safe, locked, and I have no clue where the key is)

No biggie, right?


Her mother had also picked up the phone, but not to ask her anything. She picked it up for the express reason of listening in on her daughters conversation with me.

Flash forward to about 5pm

My dad and I pull in the driveway, and are greeted by two police officers. dun dun DDUUUNNN!!!

Turns out, my freinds mother called the police, and accused my dad of training me to be in a militia, and of child endagerment!!! Once we explained what was going on the the officers, they laughed, and shared a few of their varming hunting stories with us. Pretty cool guys, in fact, we are going shooting with them tomorrow :smiley:

To you, my freind’s ingnorant mother:
You idiotic, whoring peice of shit. Just because I know how to properly load and fire a firearm does not mean I’m going to shoot up the school I attend, or start a local militia!! Stop eating up what the media feeds you and pull your fucking head out of your ass.
See…not brilliant at all…but dang…that helps!

I’m not a hunter, but I still agree. People are too fucking juiced up on all of this media hype about all of this shit. I’m tired of it dammit. Where I go to school, they’ve got like this “watchdog” type shit that’s just so fucking annoying looking for exactly that type of shit. So you went hunting? Where’s the fucking problem? God forbid her child get involved, because you know what hunting leads to! (barbecues.)


I don’t know Feathers, if you are smart enough to load and shoot a firearm, I would think you ought to be smart enough to read hunting regulations.

Shooting crows and other “varmint” birds is a federal offense and punishable by some pretty good fines and imprisonment.

I suggest you not shoot any feathered “varmints” when you go out blasting with police officers.

??? <Hoping that a smiley was unintentionally left off of this post>

In these parts (OK), crow season runs from Oct 1 to May 31. Even out of season, it is legal to for farmers to kill them if they are consuming crops.

I’ve never heard of any bird but crow referred to as a varmint, and even then only rarely. Varmint is usually meant to refer to any pest species, like those feather mentioned, as well as coyote, wolf, deer (in some cases), prarie dogs, racoons, skunks and a lot of other rodents. It is never illegal for a farmer to shoot, or hire others to shoot on his property, animals that are a danger to crops and livestock, unless said animal is a protected species. This is not the same thing as hunting although most state game wardens like to see such people hold a hunting license so that at least the assumption can be made that they have at least been told what constitutes safe firearms handling.

link to the appropriate law.

Scroll down to see that all Corvids are on the list.

Here is another link.

I’m open to offering an apology if I am wrong, it may be possible for each state to offer permits. I know that it is not legal here in Idaho.

In Cali, its legal. crows are considered harmful to agriculture, and farmers are allowed to kill anything that may harm their crops.

That is absolutely untrue. You’re full of misinformation.

Pursuant to CA Fish and Game regulation Ch 6 S 472, Crows may only be killed with the express written consent of the Federal Government, and only using small-bore shotguns, falcons, or bow and arrow. Guess what? The feds don’t issue crow permits.

The only CA animals with your alleged “kill on sight” permission are: English sparrow, starling, coyote, weasels, skunks, opossum, and moles. All subject to veto at any time under endangered species acts. Federal laws supercede state hunting laws.

Damn! I can’t shoot condors? Or whooping cranes? But the farmer said they were eying the crops REAL evil-like.

I know better than to shoot an albatross, though. I read the poem.

Illinois crow season is 7/1-8/15 and 12/15-3/1. Damn, them things are murder on the winter corn crop. :rolleyes:

Back to the OP . . .

Feathers, I can wholly sympathize with you. And for two good reasons: #1) You were essentially wiretapped. #2) Like you said, just because you know how to operate a weapon doesn’t mean you’ll be the next Lee Harvey Oswald.

I’ve had the county Sheriff called on me before, because I was shooting paper targets in the middle of the Arizona desert with a military “assault rifle”. I guess that because I can tap and rack more than 10 rounds, that makes me dangerous, and willing to kill anyone… This is a big reason that I really despise the media. They’re willing to sell you whatever poison you want to listen to, at the sake of common sense. Communists…

If you need help, I could use a little practice :smiley:

Well, I posted something that was wrong. Oklahoma crow season no longer runs from October to May. It now only runs from October 10 to November 16 and December 9 - March 4, as of the 2000 hunting season. This link is the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s page detailing seasons for various species. Crow is not the only bird mentioned in bare’s link that has a season.

Actually this is wrong. If it’s not an endangered species, and it’s causing crop damage, you may kill it. You are required to report the killing to the game warden, and may be required to deliver the carcass.

Crow season in CA runs from December to April, and is open to anyone with a valid CA hunting license (some areas require a crow tag.)

Finally “kill on sight” doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means you can kill them without having to report it, or justify it as crop damage.

You can still kill crows for crop damage, you just have to report it.

For someone who cries “bullshit” and accuses others of posting “misinformation,” you’re not really displaying an impressive level of accuracy.

A Federal permit is not required in CA for crows. The feds do not issue Crow permits, but they do issue Degradation permits, which covers farm areas, shade trees, bushes, etc. Crows are one of the species that a degradation permit is not required for. Any person is allowed to kill crows provided that it is done within state regulations. The only state that I’m aware of that forbids crow hunting is Hawaii. I think you misread section 472.

Feathers. Have the nice lady next door over for dinner sometime. I have a couple of recipes for crow if you’d like them:)

Nitpick/ Its a depredation permit /nitpick

Mountain lions fall under the permit. only for ranchers, cattle sheep and the like, the cats will kill them for sport, like a housecat with mice.

Also, in California if any animal jumps out and tried to attack you, you can blow it away, even with no hunting liscence.

I thought you just had to hell: “It’s coming right for us!”



Brain said “P” and fingers pressed “G”. Sorry bout that.

I guess this would put a whole new spin on “eating crow?”