Stop calling me!!

I keep getting automated calls from some company on my cell phone. Unfortunatly, they are asking for someone I have never heard of. I have had this number for 3 1/2 years.

I keep hitting option 4 “This person does not live here”.

Someone then gets on the line and says: “Is this XXXXXX YYYYYYY?”
I say “No, this is the wrong number.”
They hang up on me.

I get another call a few days later. :smack:

How in Og’s name do I make them stop?!?!?!?!? :frowning:

Scream into the phone as loud as you can “GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!”

That’s how I got me mom to stop calling so much.


And if you are going to call multiple times a day (including 9:30 AM on a Saturday :mad: ), at least frigging hang up before the answering machine picks up. I don’t need three frigging hang-ups a day to come home to.

Next time, just say yes that they live there and see where it goes… :slight_smile:

I am very tempted to do just that.

You said it’s your cell phone…does your service provider have the option of blocking certain numbers from calling you? Try that.

No. Whn I called they said they can change my number :rolleyes:

They did manage to get a live person at the number, and said that they “erased” my number, whatever that means.

We’ll see