Stop calling me !

(I have siblings, many of them, 8 to be exact. Two are living together in Philidelphia. This is for them)

I mean it. Just because I am your big sister doesn’t mean you can all me at midnight to referee a fight between you two. What the hell am I supposed to do ? Stick an eggbeater up my ass and fly by helicoptor from Texas to where you two idiots are and spank whoever started it ?

Sister 1 , sober up and stop damn it whining to me. I can’t help it if your kids don’t want to talk to you. If you didn’t want me to call that asshole you live with a bastard you should have never told me he hit you. Yes I know he hates me now, ask me if I care. .

If you don’t want sister 3’s bratty ass kid yelling at you in your home tell them to leave. I would. It’s your home, you set the rules. If they have no other place to go, they will control that heathen.

Sister 3, Same thing goes for your boyfriend. And you had better get off your ass and send that kid to school ! She is 15 years old, she has no education, you allow her to lay around on her ass all day and stay up watching television all night, and you are letting her smoke. What is she going to be , a hooker ?

All three of your kids are screwed up girl, because you have never shown them how to stand and face life when it is hard. No you have taught them that if stuff gets bad, throw what ever you can in the car and run away , leave what you can’t take and just run. Don’t be responsible for your screw ups. In other words

One of you is 41, the other is 36, grow the hell up already.

Gee, sounds like my evil sister. Bitch, if you hate your husband so much, explain to me exactly why it is you’re still with him. You left him once (for 3 days), you can certainly do it again. And fucking over our grandmother in the process hasn’t helped your cause with the rest of the family.

And she wonders why no one ever calls her. :rolleyes:


AYESHA, hon, there’s a little button on the main part of your telephone where the receiver goes where, if you press it, they’ll all just go away.

P.S. If anybody calls me at midnight, my stock response is “Somebody better be dead.”

The best part is they called me back after they kissed butts and made up at 3 am.

They both think I’m a hard assed mean bitch because I told them both they are wrong and that since sister 3 doesn’t want sister 1 saying anything to her kid she needs to leave, and I told sister 1 if she doesn’t like sister 3’s kids behaviour to tell them to leave. My sisters really do have this idea that I am supposed to protect them and make things better for them. They tell me that all the time. I did that when we were kids as much as I was able to. I also kicked their butts.

Jodi, the problem with hanging up on them is that they will then call my Mom with that bullshit and she gets very upset over them fighting. I can handle it better than she can, because I can and do tell them

Just a quick picture of my siblings

There is me, we all know what a bitch I am.

sister 1 is an alcoholic who isn’t willing to give it up.
sister 2 is the one who got married and let me know weeks later, via email.
sister 3 is an irresponsible spoiled brat, who expects everyone to bail her out when she gets in a tight spot. She runs from her problems and has taught her kids to be the same way.
sister 4 is a nasty number. She isn’t even kind to her mother. Never let this one know anything that you don’t want to be used against you. Because if you piss her off she will use it.
sister 5 is a drug abuser who can’t seem to stay out of jail or stay clean.
sister 6 is pretty much ok, execpt that she too is a runner.
brother 1 (sib 7) is an unknown factor. I have seen him once since he was two. He is now 25
brother 2 (sib 8) Is a sweetie in some ways , a jerk in others.

I wish my dad had gotten racked badly when he was young. I have no idea why this man was allowed to breed like a bunny with two different women !

**Ayesha wrote:

…Stick an eggbeater up my ass and fly by helicoptor from Texas to where you two idiots are … **

Thank you, Ayesha, for that stunning image! The sight of you, eggbeater planted firmly up your ass, cranking madly as you sail across thru Texas sky will not be loosened from my mind easily.

As for your problem siblings; if it gets really bad, change your number to an unlisted one, then don’t give it out to anyone. If they don’t have your number, they can’t call.

Okay, this sucks. You become the designated shit-taker because if you won’t play they dump on your mom? Maybe you and your mom could form a hang-up alliance?

Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t object to being the sounding board or the helpful big sister, but I could not deal with being called in the middle of the night and in the middle of the fight. Could you ask them to confine their whinin–, er, complai–, um, discussing, to the daylight hours?

snicker… me too. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen, read or heard for days!!!

(sorry about your sisters. :frowning: )