"Stop casting porosity!" questions.

Awhile ago, a thread on “Real life mysteries you never found the answer to” asked about the meaning of a “Stop casting porosity!” ad. Recently, I found that castings in foundries can have problems with voids, pits, slag inclusions, or as you guessed: pores.


Some questions remain:

What are the tools/processes that a supplier or foundry uses to solve that issue and how?

Why do they need to advertise that and drive people crazy? Besides California, I just saw the ad here in Arizona.

Why it is that that line, entered in Goggle, gets mostly porn links? :confused:

Well, in sand mold castings (used for large castings such as engine blocks) the general approach to eliminating porosity is to tinker with the chemical composition of the substance used as a binder for the sand.

This (.pfd) article from the American Foundry Society discusses the issue. (Although it is written for an audience that already knows the subject and its issues.)

I presume they advertise in the general media because they believe that there are foundries (or founders) that do not make use of the various trade journals (or that there are too many specialized trade journals to pay advertising to each when a broadcast message will reach more people with a single payment. (This is, obviously, a WAG.)
If you are talking about the billboard approach, as displayed here, my guess would be that the sign is mounted on an actual foundry (or foundry supply company) that is advertising that they have the means to overcome porosity.

When I put “Stop casting porosity!” into Google, I had only casting and metallurgy sites on the first several pages and had not encountered any porn before I quit looking.

Thanks tomndebb!

As for the Google porn: you have to enter “stop casting porosity” with the quotes. On the next page, porn -both natural and unnnatural- suddenly appears for many pages. I gave up on my search for porosity then.

BTW, this conversation would periodically come up on the ba (Bay Area) newsgroups years ago. That sign pokes up over the soundwall, and is very hard to miss as you’re driving down 880.

While I do agree with tomndebb’s point on the advertisement, those signs would be the very similar to an ophthalmologist one saying:

“Stop clogging of the trabecular meshwork!

I think foundries do it to drive us crazy. :wink:

With yabob’s reference, I now think that porn promoters found out that this line was popular for inquires then, and created ways to get their sites way up on the Google search.