Stop Eating Tacos You Fat Size 2 Beauty Queen

Video story here. Synopsis: Hispanic beauty queen says pageant told her she was too fat and should “stop eating tacos”. Pageant claims beauty queen was late to appearances and other bad stuff. I don’t care either way, but please it is “moot point” not “mute point” you airhead chairwoman on the pageant board.

“Stay off the tacos” - ha ha ha.

Seriously now, this little girl is full of shit. Shocker of shockers: beauty pageant boards have bizarre ideas about looks and weight. This girl admits to being tardy and having her boyfriend show up to events, which the board frowns upon. Not buying this story of a perfect little pageant queen being taken off guard by all the bullying from the big old meanies. She does get two points for playing up the “taco” comment.

Why all the hate towards tacos? They’re delicious.

She could burn off some weight by running for the border.

(It’s a South Park reference, shut up)

It’s a *moo *point. It’s what a cow says. No one cares what a cow says.

Unless you’re in Europe.

(Family Guy reference)

Except cows in Europe say “Shazooooo!”

We can only hope for the point to be mute. This is what passes for news these days?

Agreed. It lacks the quality journalism should have.
We need more stories like this. Stories that make you think. Stories that inspire. Stories that make you give a damn.

Yeah. Like the one I saw a couple of days ago, raising the hard-hitting question of whether Lindsay Lohan’s outfit was “too sexy” for her court appearance!

OMG, she is gorgeous. Good for her for fighting her dismissal. I think she has a case here.

I really dislike beauty contests because they cause women to base their value on their looks and not skills or personality. Beauty is such a subjective issue. Obviously, there is a lot more going on here on both sides.

I also admit that I don’t think much of an executive who can’t say “moot.”

What’s wrong with what the executive shed? I don’t seal the problem.

I’ll help her work off those tacos.

Why should a woman value her ability to, say, run quickly, over her attractiveness? Because they have contests for both of these things, you know.

Would they have said “work off those tacos” if she was white?

Good for her standing up to them.

FWIW, I think she’s hot.

If you take part in a beauty contest you should not be surprised when those involved turn out to hideously offensive and shallow. That includes organisers and participants.
You are entering a competition that values the shallow and superficial over everything. You had a choice and you chose to support it.
You can’t ask to be judged on your physical appearance and then complain when someone criticises you on your physical appearance.

Sorry, I couldn’t watch the video after the mute/moot thing. Just too much vacuous stupidity to get past there.

OMG …race and weight issues are a mute point?
What’s with all the hatred for mutes?

She needs to sue them. Take them to mute court.

And she’s 17 years old. Barely out of the kiddie pageant division. How nice.

And no, just because you think people who work in an industry are silly or frivolous doesn’t give them a pass for racism or even imposing certain standards of beauty. That’s why people can argue that the fashion industry needs rules for young models, or should use larger women, or more ethnic minorities, without demanding everyone instead wear silver jumpsuits or become nudists.