fat = ugly

Goddamn you <b>weedeater</b>… if she did happen to be fat then would it justify people staring at her?? Just because there are people that you’re not attracted to personally doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the way they look…

grrrrr it’s just that I didn’t expect something like that from dopers… poop

(speaking in relation to vivian’s post about people staring at her in the locker room)

Providing link…



…and pulling up lawn chair.

Popcorn? Or Doritos? Decisions, decisions…

…adding a few more charcoal briquets…

[sub]geez, how did I miss THAT thread? can’t read 'em all, I guess[/sub]

I saw this this morning and was sure there would be crazy flames. :slight_smile: Pass me a chip, I’ve got root beer.

YEAH! What’s wrong with being curvy and voluptuous anyway? And why one earth would people feel the need to stare? And what makes it OKAY for people to stare?

FTR, being sort-of fat (I don’t think I’m quite truly fat [yet], but I may be in denial…) has its positive points.

Boobs, for instance. Big ones. :smiley:

I’d stay to watch, but I am afraid there might be idiot blood spewed all over my new shirt.

I’ll be surprised if he shows up. It’s kinda hard to swim up from that shallow end of the pool, ya know.

Where’s Byzantine when you need her?

Ten bucks says that Mr. Eater isn’t exactly a Jenny Craig poster child himself…

What about the fat people who have small breasts? And is it attractive for men to have big breats?
FTR weedeater posted this thing in the Pit so I think we should cut him some slack.
And right where does it say that everyone should like fat people?
Besides did weedeater suggest that he personally dislikes fat people or did he offer a somewhat plausible reason for people to stare at vivian.
Is it more politically correct to stare a black person than a fat person, because political correctness is the only thing that has been offended in this case.

Okay, rampaging poster twitness aside… LOOKING at someone different than you, in curiosity, is one thing; hence, WHY men and women have long looked at each other naked with a bit of awe: We are not used to a body so different from ours. This isn’t just male/female this does include skin color different from ours.

Most likely these women ARE looking at her, not in a negative light, just LOOKING because they have never seen a naked black woman. What? Should they banish their eyes? Does she not find herself looking at them too? Should SHE banish her eyes?

Hey, any naked body in front of my eyes I would most likely look at: Young, old, black, white or purple with green spots, I would look. Not with hate, or disdain, or lust but with out and out curiosity. What the bloody hell is wrong with that? I’m human, I’m curious, I’m going to look and I’m not shocked or hurt when folks look at me in my birthday suit.

I guess I could rip my eyes out but that smacks a bit too much like Homer… and to my knowledge I’ve not fucked my mother.

As for the FAT argument, it’s been done, into the ground:


Frankly, this whole (above linked) thread has some of the most honest, pointed and coherent posts ever made. I fell in love with MANY posters during this hey-day. And frankly, the little, twittering butter-fart posts made by the I’m-a-fuckhole-come-lately cannot even compare…

Which is why, I think JavaMaven1 invoked my name… thank you, hon, I’m sending that check as we speak! :wink:

Bleh… I hate the way Americans/Europeans/athletes are always getting naked in front of each other…

Personally I don’t want to see any naked fat people, naked thin people, naked black people, naked white people…

May I so humbly suggest that you rip your eyes out of your scull? This would guarantee that you never have to look upon nakedness ever?

No need to get violent, Byzantine. What did I ever do to you?

I think there wasn’t because most people gave a bored eyeroll and moved on. Someone somewhere probably groaned. Someone gave thanks for receiving fresh meat. Someone worried that what he said is true. Several people wondered if they count as “fat”. Many people wondered if it was worth to the bother to compose a flame seeing as it’s been done to death. I had a muffin.

Was it blueberry?


While I should have the good sense to stay the hell out of a thread that doesn’t deserve any posts to it…

I think a rubenesque naked body is really alluring. I do. There was a fantastic sculpture I saw at Art Fair this year, an overweight nude woman sitting with her legs crossed, hands on her knees, head thrown back laughing. It was the greatest. Too bad I didn’t have an extra $750, I woulda bought it. It was just so beautiful, so real.

Well, that’s my $.02.

pennylane – scull… have you looked this up? It’s not skull. It was an athletic joke. I thought you might get it in context. Never mind! :wink:

But muffins will make you fat! And, ergo, ugly!

scull - “a long oar used at the stern of a boat and moved from side to side to propel the boat forward”? Sorry… I’m not much of an athlete (too worried about all the naked people in locker rooms) :stuck_out_tongue: