Stop feeling superior for being ignorant

I won’t link to the other thread and point fingers at the individual because it’s a common fault. Some popular culture figures were being mentioned and he posted what was essentially “I’ve never heard of this person. I had to look up who it was. Why are you bothering to talk about this?”

The implication was that he felt superior to us because he wasn’t wasting his brain on trivia like we were. He appeared to think that not knowing what we were talking about indicated he was smarter than us.

And I think that’s complete bullshit.

Let’s ignore the argument of what knowledge is common and what knowledge is obscure. All knowledge is knowledge.

There’s plenty of things I don’t know. I don’t think I could name a single NASCAR driver. I don’t know who the cast of Jersey Shore is. I don’t know any Pokemon characters. I couldn’t tell you who won last year’s World Series. But I don’t take pride in these things. I’m not smarter than somebody who does know these things. How could not knowing something possible indicate that I’m smarter than somebody who knows it?

There’s no reason to be proud of any kind of ignorance.

Wait, who are you again?


I agree with what you say. People often seem to actually take pride in their ignorance of some things. Like, if they know nothing about Math, they’ll think that shows how non-linear and creative their brains are. It’s dumb.

Oh, you guys use language, I simply can’t lower myself to that level.

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You fucking eltitists, with your “knowledge” and “facts”.

It’s less about knowledge than it is about comparative values. The world of celebrity is shallow, facile, and fleeting. To keep up with who’s who and who’s important, a person would have to spend a relatively large chunk of time reading tabloids, watching bad tv, and gossiping about people who, arguably, do nothing to add to our world.

So, he’s not actually reveling in ignorance. He’s bragging that he spends his time on much more worthy subjects than you. Still pittable, but with a slightly different focus.

The day I have perfect recall and unlimited mental capacity, I will be happy to acquire “knowledge” such as the names of the Jersey Shore cast members. Until then it’s neural triage, and they’re being tagged as goners.

Meryl Streep is over rated.

I would venture to guess that a large percentage of the time, that person knows EXACTLY who the person being discussed is and is feigning ignorance. The remainder of the time, it would take one tenth of the amount of time to google the person than it does to ask on a message board. If you are asking on a message board it is because you want to be conspicuous about not knowing who that is, and for no other reason.

I endorse your pitting.

I’ve never watched Jersey Shore or read about its cast anywhere, but I’m at least somewhat familiar with them just by glances at covers and osmosis. I’ve never watched a single season of American Idol, but I know something about its winners the same way.

It doesn’t seem all that hard to me.

What is this “google” you speak of? A book of some description? Even if I had the inclination I simply have no time to spare for keeping up with these modern fads, please elucidate.:smiley:

Lighten up, Francis! :rolleyes:

Something related that kind of bugs me is people who say they never watch television. First of all, I never believe them, and second of all, it just reeks of an assumption of cultural and intellectual superiority. It doesn’t make anybody more sophisticated or interesting if they don’t watch TV and it doesn’t make anybody unsophisticated or stupid if they do.

That’s the implied assumption. That people who are ignorant of the things they dismiss are knowledgable about better things.

Then take pride in the things you know. Don’t take pride in the things you don’t know.

If you’re referring to me since I gave “Meryl Streep” as an answer in the “what famous performers’ work have you never seen?” thread, I’m pretty sure I’m not the individual the OP is referring to (and if I am then I’m flabbergasted since I never implied anything of the sort - the whole point of that thread was to admit you haven’t seen Soandso’s work even though they are well-known).


Oh, it gets even better: “I don’t own a TV.”

Of course, there’s an Onion article about the phenomenon.

Some choice quotes:

Exactly this. Anyone who says they’ve never even heard of whatever current pop culture fad is going around has nothing to be proud of. That just means they pay no attention to their surroundings.

I work in a flower shop. Every Valentine’s we get dozens of panicked guys coming in at the last minute telling us how they “had no idea” it was Valentine’s Day. Really? So you haven’t noticed all the pink and red heart decorations and giant heart shaped boxes of candy that have HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY written all over them? The piles of heart bearing stuffed animals at every store and gas station you walked into since the day after Christmas? The people on the corners selling expensive baskets of cheap-ass crap and wilted flowers in heart covered paper (that’s a pit thread for another time)? The TV, radio, and internet ads? None of it? Well then, you sir, must have your head shoved pretty far up your ass most of the time.

We live in such a media saturated society that it’s nearly impossible to get through a week without knowing what’s going on, be it celebrity trivia or major world events. You can get news from the other side of the planet seconds after it happens. As it happens if somebody on scene is tweeting it. I hate twitter. I think it’s mostly just a way to waste time and mainly populated by self important twits. Even so, I know what it is.