Stop! Jerry, Stop! (Or Mr. Springer Goes to Washington)

Jerry Springer wants to be a senator. Are things in Ohio really that bad that he’s the best choice for the job?

Whoo-Hoo! A Senator from DPRO*

  • Democratic People’s Repulic of Ohio

BTW: there are two judges that would like to speak to me

The only way Jerry Springer should be allowed to hold office if we can see Graham Norton become Prime Minister of England.


On the vein of the Dixy Chicks… I’m ashamed to be from Ohio. This is almost enough to make me zip down to the board of elections and get my registration changed just so I can excercise my right to say “Hell NO! You gotta be kidding”

His show is a detriment to his political career. If Mr. S you do not want the great State of Ohio to percieve you as trailer trash, I think you need to dump the silliness and change alot of perceptions out there. You have about as good as a chance as a snowball does in hell. And that’s just north of our border.

Anyone who thinks the’re in thier right mind who would even consiter giving thier vote to this guy needs thier head examined, because it simply ain’t right.

Look, DeWine and Voynavitch may not be the best Senators from Ohio, but our Political prime is waaay past when we consiter actually giving this guy an elected position again.

I’m sure any Cincinnati Dopers can attest to the follies of Mayor Springer. The mayor who apologised for paying for his ‘massage’ with a check! He wasn’t sorry for going for a ‘massage’ he was sorry for being stupid enough to get caught.

Sorry to say it, but if you want my vote and the ability to serve my State and my Gov’t you better be a hell of alot higher on the evolutionary scale. We have enough idiots in Washington, Lawzy we need no more.

I’m afraid your votes are heavily outweighed by the masses that chant Jeeeeeeeeeeeerry Jeeeeeeeeeerrry Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrry

This is depressing, but really not any worse than Ronald Reagan or George W. getting elected to office, or Arnie Schwartzenegger being considered a serious candidate.

American politics is definitely in a very shameful state. We should be electing capable, thoughtful people like Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke of the Green Party. Instead, we let mediocre morons run the country.

That’s what happens when mediocre morons are the only ones who vote.

Wow, this makes me a little prouder to be a Californian…


I can imagine a dystopian future in which Mr. Springer’s whirlwind political career takes him all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania.

Things don’t really start to go downhill until after the appointment of Attorney General Judy.

C-SPAN might be a little more interesting if he won…

Green Party! Excuse me while I laugh my ass off (afk for a year or two)

Am I the only one who thinks he’s just doing this to boost his ratings?(for his show)

So, his ratings are only low in Ohio?

Why does this guy have to try Ohio? I mean really, why not Illinois? Where his show is based. Or whatever state has the highest number of Trailer Parks?

Larry’s terrible distopian vision shall not come to pass unless some fool changes our Constitution. Mr. Springer was born in London England, and moved to NYC at age 5. Phew! wipes brow

Bright fellow, liberal, sense of humour, trained in political science and law, previously a mayor of a large city . . .

Emmy award winning journalist, staffer for the Bobby Kennedy campaign, testified before Congress in support of the 26th amendment…

Oh yeah, there’s also that talk show thing. :slight_smile:

The Secret Service will be replaced by off-duty Chicago police officers built like hairy fire hydrants.

All of his addresses to the Senate will be his “Final Thought”

Upon catching the 6:30 news on NBC, I was once again thanking my lucky stars that the honourable Mr. Springer decided that he’d pass on this glowing opportunity to give the rest of the world yet another reason to pick on my state. (as if Cleveland isn’t enough)

Mr. Springer will instead stick to his low brow version of television entertainment. Not enough support says the news man. I say * too much* intelegence. It seems we think that Mr. S can’t do the show we all know and trash and be a credible leader.:smack:

HUZZAH to the great state of Ohio! Pass the tomatoe juice and get the telegrams of congratulations off to the Democrats.