Stopping the hijackers

I’m tired of posting a question and having someone post something that either causes him to become the subject of the thread or causes the thread to go in a completely different direction.

If you’re a narcissist, start your own damn thread. If you have a question of your own, do the same. It’s not difficult.

Does that includes posters who love to interrupt, then start flirting, then show the others just how cute and witty they are, and after they’re done, graciously allow us to continue with the topic at hand?

Check this out:

It can be frustrating at times, right?


I think you both need to lighten up.

Maybe you’re boring in real life conversation, and it is nothing but a straight line of banter, but for me, conversations are full of tangents, asides, and generally do NOT conform to any “rules” of behavior.

Sure, we have debates here, and in a “debate,” there are rules to follow. But for the most part, these are conversations we have, not rule-addled debates.

All it takes is a poster saying, “Now back to the OP…” and replying on it is all I’ve ever seen it take to get a thread on track.

Do that, or maybe you simply have nothing left to say about it?

Yer pal,

I think that if you have a tangent that will totally change the subject of the thread (thus drawing the attention of posters away from the OP) it is appropriate to post a link to a new thread about said tangent. That way both subjects can be discussed. However, if your thread gets “hijacked”, there’s nothing wrong with posting to ask if anybody’s going to answer your question already.

My dear Satan: You might be right. After thinking about it for a while, I realize that I haven’t spent enough time in front of my computer, posting and reading others’ posts in order to grasp the “rules” of a message board. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time engaging in REAL life conversations, and interacting IN PERSON with other human beings.

My problem might be that, when I’m socializing (in REAL life), and I’m having an intelligent conversation with another REAL life human being, I do not appreciate being interrupted for a long time. Surely, short deviations, tangents, and interruptions are ok. But HIJACKING is a no-no. Could it be that us pilots do not like the word “HIJACK”? :wink:

But maybe I’m just boring, as you said. And ignorant of the “cyber” rules of etiquette.

Maybe next time someone forces a deviation on the topic I should just say: “excuse me for interrupting your interruption, could we go back on track?”, and hope the hijacker doesn’t get mad.

Is that more “lightened up”?

Geez, talk about the proverbial chiuaua yapping at your heels.
E1, you are a complete and total asshole.
Look at any GD thread and you’ll find posts that are off topic or humerous. Look further and you’ll see that I have not posted anything lately that would set you off. But then again, maybe just seeing my name will do that.

Frankly, I don’t give a shit. You can go fuck your grandmother’s pyjamas until your sombrero floats.
Personally, I think you’re too fucking stupid to fly a plane, so why don’t you go fly a kite instead?


I think that your post was totally uncalled for. You went way overboard and are acting like a class A jerk. E1 was merely posting his opinions. He did not throw ad hominem attacks your way and I fail to see how you can justify such statements as:



Personally, I like E1skeptic and his contributions to this board. He deserves a lot more respect than you’ve given him here. You sir owe him an apology. You should be able to write a dissenting opinion without these insults.

Does anyone else out here agree with me?

Fantastic, read the link that E1 provided if you want to see insults. His attack on me was totally uncalled for.

I have no intention of apologizing to someone who refuses to let sleeping dogs lie.

I admit that I don’t have the talent to wage a protracted flame war, but a person can only take so much.


So you feel that justifies your attack on his heritage? Nah. That was a cheap shot man.

Fantastic User: Thanks, man. It’s nice to see you.

WallyM7: You asked for it. I said I wouldn’t flame you no more, and I have kept my word. But if you stupid Canadian piece of shit think that I’m going to sit down, arms crossed after your feeble and moronic attempt at flaming me, you are dead wrong! You’re a shame for your country.

It is precisely because of people like you that this thread was opened (although I have to admit that your posting changed a bit after my above mentioned thread was posted, and I also have to admit that you have shown coherency and knowledge in more than one occasion). If I posted the link above, was just as an example of why I said what I said, not a reference to your biological being.

You said I had not made an impression on you. Really? If I’m oblivious to you, then why did you come? Stalking again, as usual?

And trying to use my heritage as a weapon (which doesn’t really offend me, I’m not as stupid as you) is nothing but a coward’s tactic.

Nor for many other things, my little chunk of hiena’s dung.

Who said you have, you idiot? I never mentioned anything to that effect. Hallucinating, perhaps? Paranoia, maybe?

And, since this is the BBQ Pit, and this thread is precisely about hijackers, please allow me to paraphrase myself: Fuck Off, WallyM7!

“Now, back to the OP…”

I’m not stalking you, you moron. I opened this thread to read what people have to say and what do I find? A link to a raving rant that you posted 3 weeks ago. What am I supposed to think of that?

Don’t talk to me about cowardice. That was a scuzzy thing to do.

Maybe I overreacted, but jeez, you just won’t let it die.

Back to the OP…

Um, am I mistaken, or did E1skeptic just hijack this thread?

Wally, I like you and your posting, but that retort was most uncalled for IMHO.

You’re right Satan.

I apologize to everyone, including E1.

I’m done with the whole thing.

Ahem… Satan? I think I took my eyes off my instruments for too long, sorry. Not hijacking, just diverting.

“… Houston Center, we’re requesting clearance to go back to our destination, on course…”

Wow… One little post and I got both parties to sorta agree with me!

Satan: The Great Diplomat of our Times…

Yer pal,

Diplomacy ?? My ass !! This is not the sort of thing I visit the Pit for…

I’m with Wally on this one. Nothing in particular against E1, but Wally’s insults are definately funnier.

Fight on my friends.

Fuck the OP.



“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

This is true, and the tangents are not always intentional; however, when a person deliberately posts to change a topic, or make themselves the topic, it does become annoying.

And this never happens to you in real life conversations?

Not one-on-one talks, but the kind of chats after a meal with a group of people?

Yer pal,

See, Krish? By responding to Satan and ignorign the digressions, you kept the OP going.

One of the reasons I don’t start many threads is that I have a hard time letting go of them. I find myself wanting to guide and nurture “my” thread, and when it gets hijacked I have to fight the feeling that someone’s insulting me personally. Mine, dammit! All mine!


“…the kind of chats after a meal with a group of people?”

Well, normally there is no specific topic to be discussed in those kind of chats.

What about when you POSE a specific topic for you and your friends to discuss? What about when you meet with your friends to discuss a pre-determined subject?

What about when you call all of those interested in having a debate or a discussion on a specific theme?

That is when interruptions (long ones, usually) and “hijacking” are not welcome. But now that we know that you don’t mind being interrupted, and that no one should feel annoyed by “hijackers”, maybe we’ll start our own obnoxiousities (new word coined?).

Oh, well…