Stopping the "New Microsoft Edge" Nag (Firefox)

Okay, I get that Microsoft wants me to abandon the heathen god and return to its bosom. But at least in my case, overlaying a not-insignificant part of the screen with a nag popup is likely to have the opposite effect.

Unfortunately, the only solution I’ve found so far (turning off “Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows”) appears to be in response to an earlier infestation and doesn’t work in this case. Anyone have other suggestions?

Other than a really annoying “introduction” session that could not be quit, I haven’t had any more intrusions since the update, so there must be a setting somewhere.

Can you throw up a screenshot or something?

Yeah, they pinned an Edge icon on my taskbar and when I right-clicked to unpin it, Edge opened and wanted to know my preferences or some shit. I closed it, was then able to unpin the icon and have never heard from it again. That was a couple of days ago.

ETA: maybe you have somehow enabled notifications in your “welcome” Edge session, and that’s what’s nagging you. Look into Edge settings to check that.

Yeah, they did that to me, too - I started my computer to a nag pop-up and now I have an Edge icon pinned to the left side of the screen. Just haven’t bothered to delete it yet.

Same here. Although, it wasn’t that annoying.

After I restart, I get an Edge browser opening automatically, though it’s not listed in my startup file list.

I did suffer through the “introduction” session, and I unpinned Edge from my taskbar. What I’m talking about is this, which shows up on the bottom of the screen you’ll have to click it to see the actual image):
Sorry about the skewed image — it’s not that big — but for some reason an embedded link doesn’t want to work.

I should note that it seems to be occurring less and less, so it may be that Windows is getting the message that I’m not interested. If that be the case, then this discussion is kind of moot except from a curiosity perspective.

That’s weird - I guess go ahead and download whatever update it’s bugging you about and then continue to ignore Edge at your leisure.

I was in the middle of doing something tricky this morning and suddenly this Edge screen opened (full screen) with no close button, interrupting my thoughts. No close button and when I right clicked on the tool bar icon and clicked on close window, nothing happened. Eventually, I had to begin their tutorial and then a close window appeared and I closed it and could back to work.

If MS thinks this is the way to make friends and influence people they got another think coming. I said to my wife, if only my text editor could only be made to work in Linux, I would go through the effort to learn how to use it. I once tried to use a Windows simulator in some version of Unix, but the editor just did not work properly.